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Bewerbung und Zulassung
Application and Admission

phone.: +49 (0)271/740-3903

Zugelassene Studierende
Accepted Applicants

Eva Grottschreiber

phone.: +49 (0)271/740-3916

Before Arrival

Vor Anreise

Studies in Siegen

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If you've applied for studying in Siegen successfully and you have got an admission, you have to pre-register at unisono before your arrival. Please follow the instructions on your admission letter. In the end of the pre-enrollment, please print the "request for registration" (not the data control sheet), you'll need it for your enrollment in Siegen. If you have any queries or problems, please contact the department STARTING.

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Preparation of your studies

Prepare yourself as well as possible for your studies and your stay in Germany. There are many possibilities for this online. For example with the free course "How to study in Germany. An Introduction to German Academic Life.

Stay in Siegen

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Apply for a visa as soon as possible when you have received your admission. Check the information on visa regulations, documents and procedures provided by the Federal Foreign Office and the German embassy or consulate closest to you. Further Information

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Once you receive your letter of admission, you should start looking for a residence as many students will need an accommodation at the same time. There are different possibilities in Siegen: student residences, shared flats, apartments etc. Further Information

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Before coming to Siegen, you should assure that you will be able to finance your living expenses, study fees and all other costs during your studies. Even though you are allowed to search for a students' job, your salary will not be sufficient to cover all your expenses. It is also quite difficult to get an internship, so you should have enough savings or financial support from your family. Further information

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Krönchen Exchange

You have many questions and - especially at the beginning of your stay - you would like to meet a student who knows about Siegen, who can show you around and maybe even pick you up after your arrival? Then register with the student initiative International Students in Siegen (INS²) for Krönchen-Exchange .

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What to pack

Do not forget to take important documents and other things that you will need for your enrollment and your start in Germany. Here, you can find a list of things you should not forget.