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Bewerbung und Zulassung
Application and Admission

phone.: +49 (0)271/740-3903

Zugelassene Studierende
Accepted Applicants

Eva Grottschreiber

phone.: +49 (0)271/740-3916

During your Studies

Während dem Studium

Studies in Siegen

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Registration for Courses

A few weeks before the end of the lecture period you must register for all study achievements and exams to receive the grades and credits via unisono. Usually you will be informed by your lecturers or the faculty when the registration period begins. Please remember to register, otherwise you will not receive any credit points. Further information

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List of Achievements and Enrollment Confirmation

For example, if you wish to renew your residence permit, you must submit a transcript of records and a confirmation of enrollment. You receive both in your personal area on unisono.

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At the end of the lecture period, you will receive an email to your student email account asking you to pay the semester fee as part of re-registration for the upcoming semester.

After you transfer the semester fee, you will  receive your new student ID and your semester ticket by mail. Therefore, make sure to update your semester address in unisono.

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Change of Study Program or Major

Please note that a change of study program or major can have considerable consequences for international students regarding the residence permit. You may only change your study program or major within the first 3 semesters and only once in total! You should therefore only change it, if you are absolutely sure. In any case, please contact the Foreigners' Registration Office beforehand. You can also discuss this issue with ISA first.

Stay in Siegen

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You've decided to study in Siegen and upon your arrival you have confirmed that you'll be able to cover your expenses by yourself. Please plan your finances in details from the beginning on, so you won't face any difficult situations. As a student, you are allowed to get a students' job, though your salary will probably not be sufficient to cover all your living costs. You can also apply for scholarships, but the chances to benefit from a scholarship are not too high. Further Information

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Learning German

Whether you are enrolled in a German or an English study program, you should practice your German regularly. It helps you to feel more confident, gives you an insight into German culture and makes you feel more comfortable, as the language is the key to integration. Tips for learning German

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Leisure and Sports

Even if you are supposed to focus on your studies, it is important that you care fore yourself, take a rest, and do some leasure time activities in order to keep your balance and get to know other people and the region. This will help you to improve your language and cultural knowledge and makes you feel more comfortable. The University as well as the region offer a lot of activities. 

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Preparing for a Professional Career - SieguVer

Can you imagine staying in Germany after your studies? The region around Siegen offers many opportunities for a job after your studies. The project "SieguVer - Siegen supports and connects you" offers a lot of options to improve your skills (e.g. through specific German language courses, intercultural training, application training etc.), get to know interesting companies in the region and establish contacts Further Information