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Region, Culture & Sports


Siegen is located in the most densely wooded district of Germany and is Germany's greenest city. In the city area and in the region there are beautiful hiking trails and numerous lakes. 

The city and region offer many sports and leisure activities: Hiking and cycling, climbing and bouldering, winter and water sports.

On the Siegberg is the old town with its historic half-timbered houses, churches and castles. Shopping centers, cinema, theater and concert hall are located in the so-called "lower town" (Unterstadt) along the banks of the river Sieg. 


» Virtual City Tour      
» Siegen Guide: Hotels, Shops and Shopping Centers, Restaurants, Leisure and Sports Activities in Siegen 
» Events: Siegen city festival (Siegener Stadtfest), summer festival of lights (Nacht der 1000 Lichter), summer concert series (Mittwochs in Siegen), city pub crawl (Kneipenhopping)
» Event Tips: siwikultur


» Cinema: Cinestar, Viktoria FilmtheaterOpen Air Kino Siegen
» Museums: local history museum (Siegerlandmuseum), museum of modern art (Museum für Gegenwartskunst)
» Theater: Apollo-Theater, LÿzBruchwerk Theater      
» Concerts: SiegerlandhallePhilharmonie Südwestfalen, KulturPur 


» Hiking: TiergartenTruppbacher HeideRothaarsteigWisent-WildnisBreitenbach- and Obernautalsperre 
» Winter Sports: Winter Sportarena SauerlandKahler Asten 
» Water Sports: Biggesee/Listersee 
» Climbing and Bouldering:  Boulderhalle SiegenDAV Kletterzentrum