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The spread of COVID-19 has changed everyday life and campus life worldwide. Depending on the start of the outbreak in the respective countries, regulations at our partner universities vary and affect exchange programmes to different degrees. On this website you find information on exchanges and stays abroad in summer semester 2020 and in the academic year 2020/21.

All ISA walk-in office hours have been cancelled and the SSC bulding remains closed to visitors. 

Contact us by email for general information or Erasmus+ program information. We can arrange an appointment for a phone or video call: isa-erasmus@zv.uni-siegen.de


Exchanges and Stays Abroad in the Academic Year 2020/21


Will exchanges take place in winter semester 2020/21 >

Currently it is difficult to assess future developments of the coronavirus spread and its effects on our exchange programs.
As it stands, most exchanges will take place in winter semester 2020/21. Face-to face classes, online courses or a combination of both is possible. Most of our partner universities in the EU are processing applications for the upcoming semester. Due to travel restrictions most partners provide online courses for students participating in the overseas exchange program.

Students nominated at these universities have been notified by email and may defer the exchange.

I would like to start the exchange in winter semester 2020/21 as planned. >

Many universities have already published information on lecture periods and exchanges in the winter semester 2020/21 and sent information by e-mail to participating students.
Course delivery varies. Depending on the host university, face-to-face classes, online courses or a combination of both will be offered.

A number of host institution allow students to partcipate in online courses while at home. If you do not wish to travel to your host country and plan to take part in online courses of the host university while in Germany, please consult with your contact persons abroad and inquire about possible requirements. Erasmus+ students and PROMOS scholarship holders will receive further information on funding for such a "virtual" stay by e-mail.

If you have not yet received any information from your host university, or if you are unsure whether you want to partcipate in the exchange or not, you might want to wait until you received further information. You may postpone or cancel your stay at a later date. Please remember to send us the program documents (e.g. Learning Agreement) in due time and submit any documents required by the host university, if applicable. Please also note our information on travel planning.

What do I need to consider when planning my exchange in winter semester 2020/21? >

Once your application has been approved by our partner university, you will receive your letter of acceptance/letter of admission as well as further information on your next steps. Below you find additional tipps for your travel preparations: 

Travel Preparations

» Visa and Entry Regulations
Check the Website Federal Foreign Office for updates on travel restrictions. Contact the embassy or consulate of your host country for information on current visa regulations as a late visa start date may delay your travel, move-in date, etc. 

» Accommodation
Check terms and conditions particularly with regard to termination and reimbursement of rental payments and deposit, in case you need to cancel your stay due to COVID-19. If you are having difficulties finding appropriate information, contact your host university for help and support.

» Flights
Do not book a flight before you have received your letter of acceptance/letter of admission from your host university and make sure the airline allows you to rebook or cancel your flight free of charge. Currently a number of customers are still waiting for reimbursement of cancelled flights. Search for experience reports and check ratings of airlines and travel agencies.
The German consumer advice service Verbraucherzentrale provides information and tipps for travellers (in German only)

If you feel uncertain and wish to defer your exchange, please inform us about your decision as soon as possible.

» Course Plan
Contact your host university for information about online course delivery and check with our partners if you will be allowed to complete your courses at home, in case face-to-face sessions have to be cancelled or you need to return to Germany.

Travel Safety

You need a sufficient insurance coverage (health insurance, accident and liability insurance) for your stay abroad.
German citizens should register via the online registraton system ELEFAND of the Federal Foreign Office.
Visit our website Travel Preparations for further information.

I would like to postpone my exchange. How do I proceed? >

Students who have been offered an exchange spot for the winter semester 2020/21 may postpone their stay until the summer semester. Please inform your host university abroad and us about your decision.
In many cases, letters of acceptance are also valid for the summer semester. In some cases, an additional nomination and possibly application abroad is necessary. In this case, students receive further information from our partner universities or directly from us.

Please make sure to check the semester calendar abroad! In Northern Europe and in many countries outside the EU the summer semester starts earlier than in Germany! Please consult with the contact persons of your school or department in Siegen when planning both the winter semester in Germany and your semester abroad in the summer semester:

» Erasmus+ Contacts
» Contacts for Exchange and Study Abroad

I would like to cancel my exchange. >

You may cancel your exchange at any time. In this case please inform your host university and us immediately!

This decision has no effect on future participation in our exchange programs. If you wish to apply for an exchange in the academic year 2021/22, you can submit your application in the winter semester 2020/21.

When will applications for summer semester 2021 open? >

Applications for summer semester 2021 are now open. Application deadlines end in June this year. Please visit our program websites for further information on application documents and procedure:

» Erasmus+ Exchange Program
» Overseas Exchange Program

You find information on partner universities and exchange options here

Will "Go Abroad" info-sessions take place? >

Unfortunately we had to cancel our Go Abroad info-sessions in late April and May.
We are currently planning to set up a session on campus or online in the upcoming weeks.

Can I apply for PROMOS scholarships this summer semester? >

Usually PROMOS-scholarships are offered in the summer semester if additional funding is available. So far, we have not received further information and therefore there has been no second call for applications. If additional funding is available, we will publish updates on our PROMOS website