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Getting Started

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Study abroad, intern at an international company or learn a language in another country - there is a program for everyone! Plan your stay abroad in five steps: 


No1  Attend Info-Sessions or Open Advising Sessions

If you are just getting started, come to our Go Abroad info-sessions or talk to us during our open advising sessions. Learn more about our Information Services


No.2_20  Pick a Program

Explore programs and find the experience abroad that suits best your field of study, goals and personality:

Exchange Programs >

Student exchanges are offered for one semester or an academic year at our partner universities in Europe (Erasmus+ Program) or outside Europe (Overseas Exchange Program). Tuition is waived for Siegen students.

Some departments at the University of Siegen offer department exchanges overseas. Information on application documents, deadlines and exchange procedures are usually provided by the respective department.

Study Abroad >

There are a number of study abroad programs which are run either by external providers or universities worldwide. These progams offer a direct enrollment outside of partnership agreements. Usually tuition, service and/or program fees are charged.

Internship Placements >

For students who wish to gain professional experience in a global environment, an internship placement for a few weeks up to one year might be of interest. Contents and remuneration vary by providers and subject area. Some of our partner universities offer internships as well. 

Volunteer Work >

Via portals such as kulturweit or weltwärts  you can look specifically for countries, providers and subject areas. In some cases participants receive financial aid, for some programs fees apply. Make sure to check potential age limits. 

Summer Programs >

Summer schools of a lenght of one to three weeks are run by universities worldwide during semester break in summer. Usually summer programs include fee-based specialized courses on selected topics and/or language courses. Trips and excursions are often part of the program. 

Language Courses >

Language courses are offered by universities and language schools worldwide. Often the courses are part of the summer program during semester break. Costs for one to three week-long language courses vary depending on the providers. 

No.3_20  Choose a Country 

Research country, host institution, and city well in advance. Students who wish to study abroad need to check adademic calendar and course offer of the host university and browse the university's website for relevant information.

Also, students who plan on doing an internship should check local universities' websites for international students as there are plenty of information on apartment search, rental prices and living expenses or further tips regarding your travel preparations. 

Country and Travel Information


No.4_20  Course of Study and Credit Transfer

After junior year you are ready to go abroad either in the lecture-free period (e.g. internship, summer school, language course) or during the semester (e.g. internship, studies abroad). There are also programs for graduate students which allow internships between your undergraduate and graduate studies (internship for graduates, "Graduiertenpraktikum") When planning your stay abroad, make sure to check your academic calendar/exam periods in Siegen and requirements for academic registration of your internship.

If you are opting for a student exchange, make sure to check the syllabus of the host institution and talk to your faculty or department about recognition and credit transfer. Document the courses your wish to take and learning outcomes to be recognized in Siegen in a Learning Agreement.   

Learning Agreement: Templates and Guidelines >

» Erasmus+ Exchange in Europe
» Exchange and Study Abroad outside the EU 


No.5_20  Search for Scholarships and Funding Opportunities

There are a number of scholarships offered for the various types, grants may vary in accordance with duration and place of stay. You find overviews and information on our program websites or the DAAD website. Do your research early, as some scholarship programs require an application more than one year prior to the stay abroad! 


Travel Preparations

Once you receive a letter of acceptance from your host institution (university, company or organization, language school, etc.) you can start your travel preparations. You find further information and a checklist on our Travel Preparations website.

Please check our information about stays abroad in the academic year 2020/21 on our COVID-19 website.