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Search for Internships


An internship abroad adds great value to your resume as you gain professional and international experience and improve your language skills. During your internship you quickly adapt to a new environment and work place behaviour. The experience will open your mind and help you increase your confidence and independence.

There is a number of search engines or portals to find an internship abroad. The number of funding and scholarship programs available depends on country, field of study and duration of stay.  Usually, scholarships are offered for independent internships, but some programs even offer funded internship placement. As these placement prorgrams address mostly address German students, international degree students should double check if they are eligible to apply. 


Internships at Partner Universities

Some of our partner universities offer internships for Siegen students as part of the Erasmus+ and Overseas Exchange program.  

For information on partners and spots for your field of study check the Stay Opportunities.


Online Internship Resources

There is a number of online resources you can use for your research and internship hunt. Many websites provide information and adds for free, others are run by fee-based placement services. Always check terms and conditions as well as recruitment fees or additional costs before you use an internship placement agency. 

Online Internship Resources


Further Internship Providers

AIESEC Social Projects and Internships Abroad >

AIESEC is an international, youth-led exchange organization which provides fee-based internships and social projects abroad for young people in the age of 18 to 30 years (390 EUR for the first, 100 EUR each following project). AIESEC works with NGOs as well as start-ups and offers projects in the field of education, equality, environment and culture in different partner countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe. Participants opting for a project with a duration of 2 to 12 month are eligible to apply for a one-time travel grant for internship placements outside Europe . Board and lodging must be arranged with the respective project partner. 

Vulcanus in Japan >

Vulcanus in Japan is a program of the EU-Japan Center for Industrial Cooperation. They provide industrial internship placements with a duration of 8 months for European students enrolled in science or engineering programs (4th academic year and the penultimate PhD academic year). The program includes a one-week seminar on Japan and a four-month Intensive Japanese language course as well as a scholarship (travel cost, board). Accommodation is organized by the respective company or organization.