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Koordination PROMOS

Susanne Engelmann

Tel.: +49 (0)271/740-2004
Raum: AR-SSC 122

Studieren weltweit!

Scholarships for Studies, Internships, Language Courses and Summer Programs Abroad


We offer scholarships for studies and internships, primarily within the framework of our international exchange programs outside Europe. Funding is also available for language courses and summer schools. Stays abroad have to take place in the respective project year.


PROMOS Funding Options for Stays Abroad

  • Study abroad  (1 to 6 month, outisde the EU and primarily at partner universities)
  • Internship abroad (6 weeks to 6 months, outside the EU)
  • Summer/Winter Programs abroad (up to six weeks)
  • Language Courses abroad (3 weeks to 6 months, at least 25h/week)

Monthly allowances and travel grant differ by country. We currently do not provide funding for tuition fees. For further information on allowances & grants and guidelines refer to our PROMOS Call for Application

Funding of internships is not possible if funding via Erasmus+ is possible. Internships that are eligible for funding through the specific internship programs of the DAAD may not be funded in PROMOS.  



Application Deadlines

Application period starts each year in December and ends mid-January. If additional funds are available (subject to funding commitment), a second call for application starts in summer semester. 

First Call for Applications

1.12.2020 - 15.01.2021
 Call for applications has ended.

Application Documents

Applications, including all supporting documents, must be submitted online via our application portal moveon as well as in hard copy.

Application Form >

Application forms for nominated exchange students and for students applying for funding of a stay abroad outside our exchange programs are available on moveon.

Form for Nominated Exchange Students

Nominated exchange students use their existing moveon account to apply for PROMOS. Complete the form and upload updated documents (enrolment certificate and, if applicable, motivation letter and CV). Do not forget to download a copy of the application form. Print it, sign on the last page and submit the form as well as copies of all updated documents in person or by mail by the given deadline.

Form for Stays outside our Exchange Programs

Students who have not used moveon before need to create an account first. Fill in all required sections of the form and upload the respective application documents. Once you have submitted the online application, a pdf document will be available for download. Print the pdf document and sign on the last page. Submit the form and hard copies of all application documents in person or by mail by the given deadline.

Motivation Letter >

The letter of motivation (1-2 pages) has to be written in the respective language of instruction/working language or national language AND in German.

Focus on academic purposes of your studies, internship, summer/winter program or language course abroad. Give reasons for your choice of host institution and describe the planned stay abroad (courses or tasks, objectives). If applicable, give examples of non-curricular activities on campus (student societies, university sports, etc.).

CV >

The CV in tabular form has to be submitted in the language of instruction/working language or national language AND in German.

Give information on your current and, if applicable, your previous studies, as well as former internships or stays abroad and social commitment.

List of Achievements >

To compile your list of achievements log on to unisono, go to "My Studies" and select "My Achievements".

Students in the first semester of their undergraduate/graduate studies in Siegen submit their latest transcript (high school diploma or Bachelor's degree). 

Certificate of Enrollment >

To download a Confirmation of Enrollment log on to unisono, go to "My Studies" and select "Student Services". 

Language Certificate>

English Language Certificate

Academic stays abroad requrie a sufficient English language proficiency (≥B2). For PROMOS applicants the Language Center offers an OnSET placement test free of charge. Please register in due time for the test.

» OnSET Placement Test: 16.11.2020, 10:30am; 18.11.2020, 2pm   
» OnSET Sample Test 
» Language Tests and Scores: Comparison Chart 

We also accept TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS and Cambridge. For a comparison of test scores and European language levels see our comparison chart. We do not accept OOPT-Tests, highschool diplomas or Bachelor certificates as proof of language proficiency for PROMOS applications.

French, Spanish or Portuguese Language Certificates (2021)

Students planning an exchange, semester or internship in a country where the national language is French, Spanish or Portuguese need to provide a language certificate for the respective language (≥A2). If the language certificate indicates a language proficiency below B2, an additional English language certificate is required. 
We currently accept language placement tests or a confirmation of language proficiency issued by language teachers or the Language Center of the University of Siegen.

Further Documents >

Confirmation/Acceptance Letter of Host Institution
If a confirmation or acceptance letter has already been issued by your host institution, please include a copy in your application.
NOTE: Confirmation of internship placements must include information on payment or compensation.

Declaration of Additional Funding
If you have been granted funding or financial aid, please include a short declaration of the program and grant in your application.

Selection Criteria and Committee 

Application documents for PROMOS 2021 are reviewed by a selection committee (members of faculty I to IV as well as project coordinator). Results are sent by email within 4 to 6 weeks after the application deadline.   

Selection Criteria 

  • Academic Achievements (list of achievements, diploma): grades, study progress
  • Academic Purpose (motivation letter): purpose and goals, study plan, benefit (subsequent studies and professional career)
  • Language Proficiency (language certificate): sufficient knowledge of language of instruction, basic knowledge of national language)
  • Achievements and Social Contribution (CV): academic history and work experience, (non-)academic committment

Program Documents for Scholarship Holders

PROMOS scholarship holders are required to document their stay abroad and submit program documents before their departure and after their return.

Before Departure

(four weeks before departure at the latest)
Scholarship Agreement >

Successful applicants receive a scholarship offer and a scholarship agreement by email. To accept the scholarship sign the scholarship agreement and submit the document in person or by mail in due time.  

Letter of Acceptance (issued by host institution) >

If you did not include a confirmation/letter of acceptance from your host institution in your application, submit a copy once you accept the scholarship. We accept soft and hard copies.

Returning Home

(within 2 months after the stay or by 1 November as indicated)
Confirmation of Stay >

Before you return home, ask your host institution to fill in the Confirmation of Stay to document the start and end date of your stay abroad for academic purpose (from orientation program/first lecture/first day of work to last lecture/last exam/last day of work).
The Confirmation of Stay has to be submitted within 2 months after the stay abroad. Students who stay abroad during winter semester need to submit a preliminary confirmation  by 1 November for stays. Sent digital copies by email. You find a template on downloads.

Experience Report >

Within 2 months after your return you have to submit an experience report. Remember to include the title page. You find a template and notes of guidance on downloads. Submit a digital copy by email.

Transcript of Records (studies only)>

Students who studied abroad must submit a copy of their transcript of records within 4 weeks after their return.