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Travel Preparations


Some of the preparations should be made during the application period. In some cases, host institutions ask for copies of the passport and passport numbers already with the application abroad.

However, you should wait to book a flight or sign a tenancy agreement until you receive the Letter of Acceptance by the host institution! 

Check List: Travel Preparations

There is a lot to take care of besides travel bookings and housing. Download our Checklist for Travel Preparations to get ready for your stay abroad.


Furthermore, please pay attention to the infomration provided on exchange opportunities in the academic year 2020/21 as well as our tips on travel preparations, which we compiled within the corona-website


Travel Safety 

When preparing your stay abroad, make sure to check the websites of the Federal Foreign Office. There you will find travel and safety information concerning your travel destination as well other countries which you might consider traveling to while abroad. 

The DAAD provides further information on travel safety (in German only).

sicher reisen - App (travely safely - mobile application)

All important information concerning the journey and the country of destination, tips and a check list for your travel arrangements can be accessed in summarized form within the app sicher reisen. Additionally, addresses of your destination country’s representative offices in Germany, information on what to do in emergency situations and contacts of German representative offices abroad may be accessed via the app. 

Crisis Prevention List Elefand

We strongly advise German citizens to register with the Crisis Prevention List “Elefand” via the Federal Foreign Office’s website. In case of natural disasters and other unforeseen events, the embassy then knows about your presence in the respective country and will attempt to contact you in order to inform you about specific options on how to leave the country, for instance. 


Insurance Coverage 

Please be advised that exchange programs by University of Siegen do not include insurance coverage. Neither the EU Commission (Erasmus+), nor University of Siegen is liable for damages, diseases and accidents which are linked to your stay abroad. 

For the duration of your stay abroad you have to arrange sufficient insurance coverage yourself. Please discuss the insurance options thoroughly with your insurance provider well in advance.


Health Insurance

Statutory Health Insurance

Holders of a European Health Insurance Card (also EHIC) can used medical services when travelling to European countries. Insurance coverage abroad depends on the National Insurance Act in the respective home country. Contact your health insurance provider for further information on insurance coverage in Europe well in advance.
Please note that in many cases EHIC only covers costs for emergency medical care in case of illness or due to an accident in the respective host country. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) considers insurance coverage in these cases to be insufficient and therefore recommends a private supplementary international health insurance coverage. 

Private Health Insurance

German private health insurance providers usually do not have Europe- or worldwide agreements on health insurance coverage. Please refer to your responsible health insurance provider for information on insurance coverage for your stay abroad well in advance.

Student Health Insurance in other Countries >

Some partner universities offer student health care plans as part of the enrollment, which you can or even must use in addition to your German and international (travel) health insurance.

Supplementary International Health Insurance>

The DAAD recommends a private supplementary international health insurance coverage for students planning a stay abroad. Such a supplementary international health insurance should cover insurance protection in every country as well as services, such as free selection of doctor and hospital, and full coverage of costs for medical treatments as well as medical evacuation and repatriation. 

Combined Health, Casualty and Private Liability Insurance by the DAAD

The DAAD provides interns, students and academic scholars, who go abroad, with a convenient, combined health, casualty and private liability insurance. Information on the rate can be accessed via the DAAD's websites. Please note that the insurance can be concluded online only.


Accident and Liability Insurance

Accident Insurance >

The health insurance is effective only in case of accidents (e.g. fractured leg) but does not cover consequential damages (e.g. rehabilitation training). The casualty insurance takes effect after the first care by the health insurance. It is not included in the German statutory health insurance.
A statutory accident insurance meets the costs only for accidents when commuting as well as during work. A private accident insurance should include care both during work and leisure time worldwide. Please refer to insurance providers for further information! 

Liability Insurance>

The liability insurance covers the damages caused by you to property of another person by accident. Check well in advance, if your liability insurance is also valid abroad and get a liability insurance coverage for your stay abroad, if applicable!