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Current projects


The pilot project LearnWithAI accompanies a seminar in the Bachelor of Psychology and investigates the proactive and controlled integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into classic seminar concepts.

It can be assumed that AI will be broadly used and available in the future. In order to proactively counter these developments, it is necessary that AI will be used as a didactic element in teaching in order to promote discussions and facilitate learning for students.

The pilot project "Learn with AI" aims to achieve this goal by means of 4 pillars:

  1. Usage of AI to support learning:
    AI is used in the seminar to support students' learning, for example by using it as a discussion partner, to revise answers and to improve coursework, thus adding variety to the seminar and allowing students to engage more deeply with the material.
  2. Usage of AI to support teaching:
    To explore the risks and opportunities of AI in teaching, it is used to support teaching. For example, it is used to generate assignments, check student performance and verify the completeness of assignments.
  3. Evaluation on the use of AI:
    The use of AI to support learning is regularly evaluated by surveying students. These results are then published in a publicly accessible report.
  4. Acquisition of knowledge on the use and function of AI:
    The project will be accompanied by lectures by (external) experts covering the functioning of AI and ethical issues in the use of AI. The lectures will be attended by the seminar's students, but will also be accessible and advertised to the broader university public. More details can be found in the next paragraph.


Lecture series "KI an der Universität"

The following lectures are planned on artificial intelligence at the University of Siegen:

  • 21.6.23, 12 am - 2 pm:
    • Mark Schutera 
    • Team Lead & AI Product Owner at ZF, PhD Student Deep Learning at KIT
    • Thema: "Placing GPT - Effective intuitions through a technical perspective"
  • 17.10.23, 10:15 am - 11:45 am:
    • Prof. Dr. Niels Pinkwart
    • Thema: "The Use of AI at universities"


Project team:

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Kai Horstmann, Lilly Buck and Prof. Dr. Marie Hennecke.

EAPP Expert Meeting


The project SPSS2R aims to accompany the transition from the paid software IBM SPSS Statistics (SPSS) to the free and open source software R (https://www.r-project.org) at the Department of Psychology.

Lecturers and students at the Department of Psychology will be prepared for the transition and supported in teaching and learning R. To this end, teaching and self-learning materials in the form of support pages, videos, and R scripts are being developed and freely made available.

The project includes the following components:

  1. Translation of existing teaching materials
    A large number of teaching materials already exist at the Department of Psychology, but they are customized to the application SPSS. These materials will be adapted for R.
  2. Creation of further teaching materials and tutorials
    In addition to the existing teaching materials, other materials will be created. These include R scripts that students can use directly as well as short explanatory videos, each showing a single analysis.
  3. Training of lecturers and students
    In addition to new students, faculty and students who are already enrolled at the Department of Psychology must be given the opportunity to switch to R in an easy and uncomplicated manner. To enable this, a workshop will be held.

Workshop "Introduction and basics in R and RStudio".

In the winter semester 2023/24, the workshop "Introduction and Basics in R and RStudio" will be offered by Jun.-Prof. Dr. Kai Horstmann for students of psychology at the University of Siegen. The date for the workshop is yet to be announced.


Project team

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Kai Horstmann, Sophia Allgeyer and Hannah Korst


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