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For Students


We are constantly looking for students for final theses (both bachelor's and master's theses).

If you are interested in writing your thesis in our research group, please contact one of the group members. There is also the opportunity to propose your own research question. Collaborative supervised theses with other research groups (within or outside the University of Siegen) are also possible.



All important information about teaching can be found in the respective Moodle courses. Please refrain from inquiries regarding free seats, especially during the first two weeks of each new semester, as these questions usually cannot be answered at that point.

All questions regarding current lectures or seminars should be asked via Moodle or in the corresponding Google Docs, so that all students can benefit from the questions and responses. Please include your matriculation number and use your student email address for all inquiries regarding study-related topics (grades, etc.).

If I have not responded to urgent inquiries within 8 business days, I would appreciate a friendly reminder via email.

Hinweise zum Einsatz der Google Suche