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Nano Seminar on June 23 at 5 PM: Prof. Manuela Killian speaks about "The story of NiO nanosponge". Here the Zoom link

Join the University of Siegen's Virtual International Day (USiVID) on June 10, 2021! Here the link

Important information for incoming students in the summer term may be found here

On 1.4.21 at 1 PM (CET) Info Webinar for prospective students.

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Contacts & Links

Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Master Program

Prof. Dr. Ullrich Pietsch, Spokesperson
Department of Physics
Tel. +49 (0)271 740 3755
E-Mail: nanoscience@nt.uni-siegen.de

Prof. Dr. Mario Agio, Chair Examination Board
Room: EN-C 112
Tel. +49 (0)271 740 3532
E-Mail: mario.agio@uni-siegen.de

Credit points, thesis registrations, etc.

Mrs. Natalia Berg, Examination Office
Room: AR-H 111
Tel: +49 (0)271 740 4114
E-Mail: pa-nanoscience@nt.uni-siegen.de

Admission, tuition, fees, living etc.

Faria Afzal (Ms), International Student Advisor
E-Mail: igs.advisor@nt.uni-siegen.de
(temporarily on leave - please address questions to nanoscience@nt.uni-siegen.de)

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Faculty of Science and Technology

International Student Affairs

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