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Nano-Seminar: July 11, 2018, Room H-F001

Speaker: Emiliano Descrovi, Polytechnic of Turin

Title: Some hints on the use of light-responsive architectures in optics

General Information

Short Facts

Period of study 4 semesters / 2 years
Prerequisites B.Sc. in Physics, Chemistry or Electrical Engineering (with grade 2.7 or better)
English proficiency requirements English as a native language; or TOEFL (Code No. 8429) 533 (paper-based), 200 (computer-based), 72 (internet- based); or CAE level C; or IELTS grade 6 or equivalent; or English on level B2 of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
1st semester
Three different programs to acquire the fundamentals of nanoscience, to be chosen based on the student background
Seminar in nanoscience and nanosafety
2st semester Compulsory courses in nanochemistry, photonic devices and nanoelectronic devices
Internships in “Micro and Nanotechnology” and “Nanosynthesis and Nanoanalytics”
3st semester
Selection of a wide list of compulsory elective courses
Research internships to prepare for the master project.
4st semester Master thesis in a research group
International Master Degree The grades and credits of the program are based on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), which guarantees a high international acceptance of the M.Sc. degree


(For further information about the master program and the lectures please refer to the order of study and the module handbook, respectively.)

Information about studying at the University of Siegen can be found at the "International Affairs" webpage.

Semester Fees and Living Costs

Semester Fees

Students of the University of Siegen are not charged tuition fees. However, there is a semester fee of approximately EUR 250 due before every semester start as part of (re-)registration.

Cost of Living

It is important that students calculate their finances through the degree completion and ensure they have enough funds to cover semester fees and living costs. The estimated average cost of living amounts to 700 to 800 EURO per month, including rent, health insurance, food, clothing, learning materials, phone and internet, travel expenses, entertainment, and sports. These estimated costs of living could vary depending on lifestyle, type of accommodation, budget, and spending habit. Please note that additional one-time expenses for residence permit and deposit amount to approximately EUR 600.

Further information about studying at the University of Siegen can be found at the webpages of the "International Student Affairs".

Course Structure and Schedule



Deadlines and Important Dates

Winter Term 2018/2019

Start of the semester End of the semester
01.10.1018 31.03.2019
Start of lectures End of lectures
08.10.2018 01.02.2019
Christmas vacation
24.12.2018 - 04.01.2019  
Deadline for application Deadline for re-registration
31.08.2018 (EU applicants), 30.04.2018 (non-EU applicants) 11.08.2018