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English Literary and Cultural Studies

Englische Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaft


The study of English literature and culture in Siegen has, from the 1970s onwards, integrated approaches from media and cultural studies.
The media-oriented tradition lives on in our present focus on research in the fields of

children’s literature and childhood studies,
canon formation,
fantasy and medievalism,
gender studies, as well as
adaptation and transformation studies, and
contemporary drama in English.

Our cultural-studies oriented research areas include

issues of cultural identities,
cross-Atlantic studies,
cultural transfer,
the representation and function of transspecies hybrids in popular culture,
eighteenth-century studies, and
European transculturalism.

Research projects in these fields are being developed in individual projects as well as in interdisciplinary cooperation with other members of our faculty (see the website of our staff members and the research section on the faculty website).

Further links

Current / Completed Doctoral Candidates/Projects

  • Dr. Boller, Alessandra:
    “Rethinking ‘the Human’ in Dystopian Times: Modified Bodies and the Re-/ Deconstruction of Human Exceptionalism in Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam Trilogy and Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go
  • Budde, Larissa, M.A.:
    “Symbiotes, Hybrids, Skinwalkers: Trans-species Personhood and the Absent Animal in Fiction and Film from the USM Auriga to the Six Duchies”
  • Hansen, Christopher, M.A.:
    "Narrative Structure of Shared Universes in Comic and Film"
  • Herrmann, Simone, M.A.:
    “Negotiations of Individual and Community in British Children's and Young Adult Adventure Stories”
  • Dr. Peters, Maria Verena:
    “Crossover Literature and Age in Crisis. Harry Potter’s Kidults and the Twilight Moms”
  • Severin, Maria, M.A.:
    “Renaissance Children and Childhood in the Light of Jacobean Drama”

Current Post-Doctoral Candidates/Projects

  • Dr. Hartwig, Marcel:
    “Transit Cultures: Early Medical Discourses in England and the New World, 1639-1751”
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