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Financial support for young scientists

Support for young scientists at the Faculty I: Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

Members of the the Faculty I: Faculty of Arts and Humanities (doctoral candidates, persons in the post-doctoral phase and post-doctoral lecturers) can apply for financial support from the support for young scientists budget.

Applicants must primarily request external support for their projects (e.g. DAAD scholarships for research trips). In the case of persons who are employed on a project position or as staff members of a professorship, the application must state that no financing from the professorship, project or other budget sources is possible. The confirmation of the professorship or project head is absolutely necessary. In the case of persons who are not employed on a project position or as a member of staff in a professorship, the signature of the supervisor of the dissertation or habilitation is valid as an alternative.


The application for financial support should be submitted as early as possible.
If you want to apply for support for a measure that you organize yourself and that is aimed at the entire young scientists, an informal letter is sufficient.

If you are applying for financial support for a trip and are employed at the University of Siegen, please submit a travel expense report to the Dean's office and submit a business trip application, also to the Dean's office. External applicants please submit the application for travel allowance to the dean's office. Please make a note that you have applied for support from the Young Talent Promotion Program. The Commission for the Promotion of Young Academics, elected by the Faculty Council, will decide on the applications.

The measures are initially to be prefinanced independently. After the measures have been carried out, the approved funds will be refunded on submission of original receipts and tickets.

An overview of research funding at the University of Siegen can be found here


Mathias Scheicher


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