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Faculty I - Faculty of Arts and Humanities


Welcome to the Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Philosophische Fakultät, Faculty I

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities is one of five faculties at the University of Siegen. With 6500 students, it is the largest faculty and with over 700 international students and student mobility, it ranks top within the university in terms of internationalization. Furthermore the faculty cultivates strong partnerships with universities in Europe and around the word (Erasmus and beyond).

The ratio of teaching staff to students is outstanding and the classes offered in the Bachelor, Master and Teacher Training degree programs are wide-ranging and in many cases cross-disciplinary. Doctoral studies are also possible in all subjects of the faculty. The number of doctoral students is approximately 350.

Research and education at the faculty have a interdisciplinary nature. Both single projects as well as networked projects examine the types and consequences of social processes of chance; such as demographic changes, changes to media, transformation of linguistic communication, the types of cultural coding and their historical development. In these projects, researchers often work together in interdisciplinary teams.


Interested in studying or researching at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities?

To get all relevant information on what the faculty has to offer in a compact format, please download these flyers: