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Jana Froehlich


Jana Fröhlich

MAX – Mentor Winter Semester 2020/2021


Hello everybody,

My name is Jana and I participated voluntarily in the mentoring program of the university of Siegen in winter 20/21. In 2018 I spent one semester in Barcelona, Spain and therefore I can tell that it sometimes could be nice to have someone you can turn to and ask for help or just to get in touch with local people.
When I registered myself, I wanted to make some international and intercultural experiences – and so did I. I could get an insight of other cultures and their way of studying which was quite interesting. As a mentor I took care of an international mentee and helped her, she was from Turkey, when she had problems or just a simple question regarding our university system. It was really interesting to get in touch with people of other cultures and at the same time learn something about this culture. I would definitely recommend everyone who is interested to participate in this program because it’s a great opportunity for both the mentor and the mentee.

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