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Jennifer Rödel

MAX – Mentor Summer Semester 2020

It was the first time that I participated in the mentoring program and I really liked the concept. I had the feeling that the interests of the mentors and mentees were taken into account and were both respected. It was fun to get to know someone with a quite different background and to solve the small as well as the seemingly big problems together. It is great to feel the gratitude of the mentee and being able to do something for others.

Of course, this program was also severely affected by the current pandemic, but in my opinion corona is just one more reason to provide international students with the best support available. Also the coordination was quite efficient and when questions arose, Mrs. Pacas was eager to answer them as quickly as possible.

I have already registered as a mentor again for the next semester and look forward to the experience. Obviously I would like to have the opportunity to meet in person this time but I am sure that we will make the best out of every situation.