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Saranda Paraziti

MAX-Mentor Winter Semester 20/21


Being Mentor in the MAX-Mentoring program was one of my best experiences so far. For two semesters I was able to offer academic and daily life support to new international students at the University of Siegen. The program works as peer-to-peer learning, which lead to reciprocal benefits for mentor and mentees. Being an international student myself, made me realize the importance of this program, which really helps getting more easily familiar with the educational system.
My first semester in Siegen was quite challenging, since, along the difficulties of catching the pace of the academic stuff, we had to grasp the bureaucratic procedures as well. But then I realized that the University offers different alternatives like MAX- Mentoring program, that makes the university life effortless.
I strongly believe that MAX-Mentoring program is one of the best solutions to help and support international students and I am very grateful to be part of it. Because of the pandemic, my whole engagement as a mentor remained online, but it still was an interesting way of contributing. I really enjoyed our zoom meetings, and learned new things from variety of discussions organized by Luz. I am looking forward to meet my mentees, and I am happy that somehow, I became part of their academic journey.