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Zoe Speckmann

MAX – Mentor Summer Semester 2020

This was my first time participating in the MAX-Mentoring programme and I enjoyed the experience very much! Having been abroad a couple of times before myself, I know how difficult it is to get into contact with locals as one tends to stick together with other internationals or people from your own country. Especially as a student it can be very challenging to get along in a new country, get familiar with the university and its system and especially during the pandemic, to meet other students.

Our coordinator, Luz Pacas organised online meetings for us mentors to exchange with the mentees and to give feedback about our own mentoring. We also had one meeting where we did some intercultural exercises. It was very interesting to hear about the international students’ perception of the German culture and I got new insights about other cultures as well.

Due to the contact restrictions, I stayed in contact with my mentee only via WhatsApp. We texted a bit about our own studies and interests and I helped him with questions when he had some. We also had a WhatsApp group with all the mentors and mentees where everyone could address their questions and problems and there was always someone to help. It was a bit sad that we didn’t meet in person, but it was nonetheless an enriching experience. I will register for the next semester again and I am already looking forward to meeting the new international students!