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Opening-Workshop "Digitales Kant-Zentrum NRW"

Opening Workshop "Digitales Kant-Zentrum NRW"

Friday, 30.09.2022 & Saturday, 01.10.2022



For participation to the conference, please send a mail to: cord.friebe@uni-siegen.de


Friday, 30.09.2022:


09:15-09:45    Welcome                               

09:45-10:00    Cognitive Science: Intro Cord Friebe                                   

10:00-10:45    Cognitive Science: Till Hoeppner                             

                        Kantian functionalism and its relation to cognitive science             

10:45-11:15    break                         

11:15-12:00    Cognitive Science: August Buholzer                        

                        Kant and explanation in the sciences of the mind

12:00-12:15    Expertise: Intro Sven Bernecker                                                                 

12:15-13:00    Expertise: Andre LeBrun                  

                        Kant on testimony in the Lectures on Logic                        

13:00-14:30    lunch break                                                   

14:30-15:15    Expertise: Sorin Baiasu                                

                        Kant on moral and epistemic expertise                               

15:15-15:30    Peace: Intro Rainer Schäfer                                                                        

15:30-16:15    Peace: Kevin Licht

On the integrative function of aesthetic judgment   

16:15-16:45    break                                                                         

16:45-17:30    Peace: Liane Pointner                                                                                 

The quest for perpetual peace and the relevance of Kant's cosmopolitan law                             

19:30               Dinner


Saturday, 01.10.2022:


09:00-09:15    Migration: Intro Christoph Horn                                                                   

09:15-10:00    Migration: Martin Sticker                                                                              

Means, mere things and mere enemies - Kant on the mistreatment of migrants

10:00-10:45    Migration: Susanne Meyer-Teschendorf

Hospitality or hostility? Kant's world citizenship and the problem of rejections at state borders

10:45-11:15    break

11:15-11:25    Poverty: Intro Corinna Mieth/Garrath Williams                                            

11:25-12:05    Poverty: Amin Mataji Kojouri 

The role of original contract and property rights in Kant’s treatment of poverty

12:05-12:15    Climate Change: Intro Philipp Richter

12:15-13:00    Climate Change: Garrath Williams

A shrinking world: corporate activity and climate destabilisation from a Kantian perspective

13:00-14:00    lunch break 

14:00-14:45    Climate Change: Krishna Mani Pathak

                        Global climate change and suffering in poverty: A kantian perspective     

14:45-15:00    Education: Intro Dieter Schönecker                                                            

15:00-15:45    Education: Nora Kassan                               

                        Education and freedom

15:45-16:00    break                         

16:00-16:45    Education: Ewa Wyrębska-Đermanović                             

Kantian moral education for the future of humanity: The climate change




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