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My main fields of research are Political Organizations and Parties, Comparative Politics, and Information Technology/Digitalization and Politics.

My research is mostly in government and system theory on a comparative party and government research with a focus on the Federal Republic of Germany as well as political communication of democratic systems, i.e. political sociology.

Here I focus on of transformation processes of intermediate systems and actors due to processes such as digital transformation, globalization, and modernization. Thematically, I cover changes in organizations in the digital age using the example of parties and their involvement in government processes as well as the integration of electronic communication into communication architectures. I see my regional focus on Western systems of government, especially in the Federal Republic of Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Methodically, I work both qualitatively (discourse and content analysis) as well as quantitatively combined with social network analysis, as well as classical statistical methods.

Expert work for:

  •     German Political Quarterly,
  •     Journal of Policy Advice,
  •     Journal of Strategic Communication,
  •     Internet Histories,
  •     International Journal of Science Communication,
  •     Associate Editor of Political Research Exchange,
  •     Member of the CAIS Programme Commission

 My research priorities in short:

  •     party research, party organizations
  •     Comparative system theory, in general, informal governance
  •     political communication, in general. Digitization and new media
  •     political-cultural research, discourse research
  •     qualitative and quantitative methods with a focus on social network analysis and triangulation


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