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Consultation hour and email-communication

Please use for all important questions my consultation hour. You have to register online for. E-mail consultations I answer only in exceptional cases. If I have to sign on documents, please hand in to my secretary Mrs. Kölsch, you do not have to come to consultation hour for signatures.

Seminar papers and certificates

Seminar papers are corrected not later than four weeks after submission. The grade will be noted in LSF. Please put in certificates only if absolutely necessary. The inscription in LSF is the only valid documentary of your grade. This is reducing the bureaucratic effort. You can individually pick up certificates in the secretary. For a discussion about the strengths and weaknesses of your seminar paper, please visit my office hours.

Requirements for credit points in seminars and lectures

Credits without grade

Active participation in a working group in the seminar (statement, thesis paper). Activities of the working group will be discussed in the seminar. Working groups should come to my consultation hour in order to plan the short-presentation. Independent of the group size, a presentation should not be more than 30 minutes.
In lectures with exam at least half of the credits have to be achieved.

Credits with grade

Additionally to cooperation in a working group, a seminar paper has to be drafted. The extend of the seminar paper should be according to the striven credit points (see your study regulation). An alternative was only to draft a written seminar paper without working in a working group. The extend of pages would be higher corresponding to the credit points (see your study regulation). The concrete research question is to be discussed in my office hour. Deadline of the seminar paper is the first week of the lecturing period of the following semester.
In lectures with exam at least half of the credits have to be achieved. The grade is generated correspondingly with the achieved credits.

Current lecturers

Introduction into social policy
Lecture series: “Perspectives on social work”
Systems of old-age provision
Welfare organizations and third sector


Hinweise zum Einsatz der Google Suche