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Fields of research

  • German Politics
  • Political Sociology
  • Political Parties
  • Electoral Behaviour
  • Coalitions
  • Right-Wing Populism and Extremism


Current research projects

German Party Membership Study 2017

The German Party Membership Study 2017 examines the social characteristics, attitudes, opinions and behaviour of German party members as well as the motives for joining, being active in, and leaving a party. It addresses a nationwide sample of 17,000 members of all parties represented in the German Parliament by a postal survey following the Total Design standard. This is complimented by a telephone survey of stratified samples of party members, former party members and non-party members (n=3,000). In combination with the national party membership studies of 1998 and 2009, the German Party Membership Study 2017 allows us to assess persistence and change in the composition of the member base of political parties.