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English courses

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English is spoken by approximately 1.27 billion people in the world making it the most widely spoken langue. There are native speakers of distinct varieties of English such as British English, American English, Canadian English, Australian English, New Zealand, Indian English, Singapore English and many others. English is on the rise as a world language and there about three times as many non-native speakers of English as native speakers. English is used in business communication, as instruction language at universities or as the scientific lingua franca in scientific publishing.

General English courses Staff courses English for Specific Purposes


Dr. Anna Kubisz-Sambrook

Hello, my name is Dr. Anna Kubisz-Sambrook and I am an English lecturer. I come from Poland but I have lived, studied and worked in both the US and the UK. I hold a PhD in Sociolinguistics from the University of York in the UK.

My research interests include different varieties of English, bilingualism, second language acquisition and second language teaching. I am also interested in online teaching! In my free time I love to travel, get to know people and explore new places and enjoy local culture & cuisine.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about our courses. You can reach me at anna.kubisz@uni-siegen.de or 0271 740 5365. I look forward to hearing from you!

Sarah Leek

Hello, I’m Sarah Leek. I come from the UK originally, but I have lived and worked in Germany as an English teacher and trainer since 2008. I studied modern foreign languages at the University of Leicester and can speak French, German, Spanish and a little Catalan. After my studies, I trained to become an English teacher and hold the CELTA and Delta qualifications. I have worked with pupils and students aged 2-80 over the years! I am also a huge fan of online learning, having completed most of my own postgraduate study online.

My current research interests are education management, teacher training, and academic writing support for staff and students. In my free time, I love learning languages, hiking, and maintaining my own professional development as a teacher and trainer. I’m also a part-time student on the Academic Writing Development and Research MA at Coventry University.


James Brooks Sophie Foster Dr. Hendrik Winterstein

English programme at the University of Siegen Language Center

We currently offer courses from A2-C1 level of the CEFR. Our B1 courses are offered in semi-compact format (4 SWS), and our B2 and C1 courses take place in regular format (2 SWS). Our A2 course will be piloted in WiSe 2019/20 as a 2 SWS course.
Each General English course level consists of three parts, e.g. B1.1, B1.2 and B1.3, to provide learners with ample opportunity to refresh and enhance all four language skills: listening, reading, speaking and writing. Moreover, students will review and build on key grammatical structures for the level in question and broaden their vocabulary in at least three main fields/topics per semester.
Students learn in different ways, and this is reflected in our assessment model for the General English programme. Students will be able to track their progress through formative and continuous assessment (mid-term tests, online exercises, presentations/podcasts and homework) and also a summative test at the end of the semester. Furthermore, students completing a course level (B1.3, B2.3 and C1.3) will take an oral exam at the end of term.

We also offer courses for specific purposes. If you are interested in these courses please visit this site.

Courses offered

Winter term Summer term
English - A2.1 English - A2.2
English - B1 Intensivkurs English - B1.1
English - B2.1 English - B1.2
English - B2.2 English - B1.3
English - B2.3 English - B2.1
English - C1.1 English - B2.2
English - C1.2 English - B2.3
English - C1.3 English - C1.1
Englisch für Mitarbeiter*innen (A2/B1 Level) - Unteres Schloss English - C1.2