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Language Cafe


“A different language is a different vision of life”, said Italian director Federico Fellini, emphasising that a whole universe suddenly opens up when you communicate with people in their first language. With these valuable encounters, cultural similarities and differences as well as other perspectives on life can reveal themselves.

In the LANGUAGE CAFÉ, not only are games played together, but there are also conversations about personal, cultural or regional issues, which we, the Language Café team, moderate and support. Of course, coffee, tea and biscuits are served in face-to-face sessions.

In the digital format we will try to convey exchange, play and cosiness online. All languages are welcome! We always have language partners for German, French, English, Turkish and, by appointment, Arabic. For other languages you should ideally come with your tandem partner. If you register early, we may also be able to find a language partner for the desired language.

The Language Café is an offer of the Language Center of the University of Siegen. Students from Siegen and the ATHENA network are warmly invited to take part.

We will meet digitally via Zoom every Wednesday 6pm till 8pm. You can find the link in the moodle course „Sprachenzentrum: Online-Sprachcafé“. Please register beforehand using the scheduler function.

Registration for students from the ATHENA network

As an external Athena student: Register by email at tandem@spz.uni-siegen.de (at least two days in advance) indicating the language you would like to speak during the café. You will receive the Zoom link and password in the reply.

For more information, please visit the Athena network website.