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Turkish courses

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Turkish is a logical and systematic language with few exceptions, therefore the Turkish language is a fairly easy language to learn. Turkish is spoken in parts of various countries such as Northern Cyprus, Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, etc. Important in the Turkish language is the vowel harmony, depending on the vowel harmony we add endings to keywords, thereby endings can also follow each other (agglutinative language). Furthermore, Turkish has no irregular verbs, no capitalization like in German, no grammatical gender and therefore no articles and some other things. In my courses you will not only learn the Turkish language but you will also get an insight into the country and Turkish culture.

Merhabalar benim adım Zeliha Gürbüz, ya sizin adınız ne? Translated into English, this means: Hello my name is Zeliha Gürbüz and what is your name? I’ve lived in Germany since 1973 and I come from Turkey. I have a degree in social pedagogy and I have been teaching my native language here at the Language Center with a lot of fun and joy since 2008. Türkçe öğrenmek çok kolay ve güzel. Was I able to arouse your curiosity? Turkish truly is really easy to learn. I look forward to meeting you. Hoşça kalın!


Courses offered

Impressions of Turkey
Winter term Summer term

Türkisch - Zielstufe A1
Türkisch 1 - Zielstufe A1.1
Türkisch 3 - Zielstufe A2.1 Türkisch 2 - Zielstufe A1.2
Türkisch 3 - Zielstufe A2.1
Türkisch als Herkunfssprache: Schwerpunkt Grammatik Türkisch als Herkunfssprache: Schwerpunkt schriftliche Kommunikation