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Language Tandem

Language Tandem

A Language Tandem is a type of intercultural exchange which takes place outside of the classroom. Two students with different native languages meet regularly and communicate in their respective languages. Through the Tandem project, participants have the opportunity to improve their language skills and learn about a different culture through frequent contact with native speakers. Furthermore, participants can choose the topics themselves and improve their language skills in specialised fields.

Once they have been matched successfully, pairs meet at a place and time of their choice. Each meeting is 2x45 minutes long, with each target language being allocated a 45-minute slot. Following successful completion of the tandem, including the submission of a journal entry for a total of five sessions, participants can receive a certificate of attendance. During the semester, the Language Center provides consultation hours, material and suitable rooms for tandem meeting.

Tandem during Corona

The Tandem project will take place in the winter semester 2020/21, despite Corona. Whether it will take place in the premises of the Language Centre as usual, or online with the help of Moodle and Jitsi like last semester remains to be decided. Please visit the Tandem page regularly for updates and information regarding the project and how it will be carried out. Registration starts October 1st and will then be activated on this page.