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The central bodies of the University of Siegen

Information on the formation, meeting dates and tasks of bodies of the University: the University Council, Senate and commissions, and deaneries.

A guideline for the organisation of internal university committee meetings during the transition period can be found here (German language).


University Council

The tasks of the University Council include electing the members of the Rectorate, approving the University development plan and economic plan and making statements on matters of teaching and research that affect the University as a whole and are of fundamental significance.

•    Members of the University Council
•    Meeting dates of the University Council


The Senate gives advice on matters of research, studying and teaching that affect the University of Siegen as a whole or are of fundamental significance. The Senate is required to approve the election of the Rectorate by the University Council.

•    Members of the Senate
•    Meeting dates of the Senate


In order to prepare for decisions made by the Senate and to advise the Rectorate, the Senate forms Standing Commissions.

•    Members of the Standing Commissions
•    Pages of the Commission for Teaching and Lifelong Learning (internal)


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