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 The QM system conceptually consists of two interlinked control loops: The control cycle for the decentralized structures, the active further development of the courses at the faculty level and the control cycle for the central structures: Overview. Both control cycles are supported by the overarching reporting system, which provides qualitative information and quantitative data and ensures the necessary flow of information.

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 Internal Accreditation

Yearly Evaluations

Teaching Analysis Poll (TAP)

In an interval of six years every offered course of study of the Universität Siegen is analysed concerning the strengths and weaknesses by means of the review and an external evaluation is taking place.
The annual meeetings serve for analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the study programs. As result problems and development opportunities of each course of study are discussed focused and it is  looked jointly for solutions
The TAP outlines the qualitative addition to the “classical” evaluations of lectures by opening a dialogue concerning teaching and learning processes between students and teachers. Students can actively participate in the teaching-learning process that way.

Lectures and interviews


Facts and Figures of the Universiät Siegen

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