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The University of Siegen, conscious of the fact that maintaining and expanding attractiveness for the best researchers from around the world is essential for the success of research as well as research-based teaching, has decided to bring together its human resources activities for researchers within the framework of the European “Human Resources Strategy for Researchers” (HRS4R) , including
•    The “European Charter for Researchers”
•    The “Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers”
The HRS4R process has thus been strategically aligned with the ongoing process of the drafting of a Human Resources Development Concept for all employees of the University.
Based on a comprehensive internal gap analysis undertaken in 2016, the University Rectorate has proposed an “Action Plan” in five topical areas which together constitute the 40 principles of Charter and Code, namely:
•    Rules of good scientific practice and ethical issues
•    Working conditions
•    Equal opportunities and non-discrimination
•    Career perspectives and training
•    Recruitment
With regard to the “Researcher lifecycle”, actions regarding junior (doctoral as well as postdoctoral) researchers have been given due prominence regarding the main actions.
The following pages present the main (priority) as well as supplementary actions agreed as a result of the gap analysis.
For each action, intended objectives and tasks are defined, the responsible unit plus additional stakeholders involved as well as the intended beneficiaries are named, and a timeline for implementation is set out.

The HRS4R Action Plan
The HRS4R Covering letter
HRS4R Document 1 (Application)
HRS4R Document 2 (Appendix I. Gap Analysis and Action Plan in Tables)
HRS4R Document 3 (Appendix II. Action Plan)

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