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Student Admission, Registration and Training in German Language
im SSC-Gebäude
Adolf-Reichwein-Str. 2
57076 Siegen

German as a foreign Language /
Deutsch als Fremdsprache

Tel.: 0271 740-3908, -3999
E-Mail: admission@zv.uni-siegen.de

Coordinator Uni-Start for new Immigrants /
Koordinator Uni-Start für Neuzugewanderte

Tel.: 0271 740-5090
E-Mail: christian.gerhus@zv.uni-siegen.de

before admission /
Bewerbung bis zur Zulassung zum Studium

Tel.: 0271 740-5218, -3903
E-Mail: admission@zv.uni-siegen.de

after admission is issued /
Nach der Zulassung zum Studium

Tel.: 0271 740-3418
E-Mail: registration@zv.uni-siegen.de

Study-Buddy Programm

On 01. Apr.2017 a study buddy program was started “at the University of Siegen as part of the project “NRWege für Flüchtlinge”. Therefore, the University of Siegen is looking for students who would like to participate in this program for refugees. As a senior buddy, students can establish personal contact with refugees and prepare them for their studies and accompany them during their studies.

How did we get the idea to start this program?

After successfully passing the DSH exam, the refugees start their studies. From this point onwards, they will need intensive support to start and organize their studies. This program aims to avoid them having to get used to the new university system on their own. It's just a good feeling to have a contact, especially if one is new here. We would like to offer the refugees at the University of Siegen this opportunity, thus we created the Buddy Program for them.

Who can become a buddy?

Every student enrolled at the University of Siegen can become a Senior-Buddy. Whether you are German or not is irrelevant.

What do we expect from this program?

Through this program, we hope that your participation will facilitate the integration of refugees into the German higher education system and accompany them on their first steps at the University of Siegen. This does not only apply to their entry into the specialized course, but also to the support during the course of the course of study.

Activities as a Senior-Buddy

  • Orientation help on campus
  • Help with problems and mutual social activities
  • Support for study planning, exam organization and timetables
  • Advice for communication with professors and examination offices

What do we offer you?

Anyone who participates in the project as a senior buddy will also receive something from us in return.

  • Certificate of volunteering
  • Access to special activities such as sports, culinary events, and much more
  • Free participation in regular excursions approximately twice a year

What are the next steps after the application?

There will be a joint meeting to bring together the refugees who are studying with the buddies. The date of the meeting will be announced in September and March respectively. We bring the senior buddy and a refugee, if possible, to study together.

We are glad about many participants of all persons interested.

Please fill the application form below.

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