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From the Idea to successful Cooperation - New Impulses for the Region

The Center for Sensor Systems was founded in 1989 as part of the "Future Initiative Montan regions (ZIM)" of the state government established as the largest single ZIM project in the region Siegen in form of a central scientific institute of the University of Siegen.

The basic concept for an interdisciplinary "Center for Sensor Systems" was already developed in 1987/88 by Prof. Schwarte (institute for communication engineering) in cooperation with his former co-workers, Dr. Hartmann and Prof. Loffeld: They searched for committed fellows at the university and suggested the support by the former "Future Initiative Montan regions".

Professors and scientists of the departments Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Physics should cooperate interdisciplinarily and carry out practical oriented new and further development of sensors and intelligent sensor systems. By this, they should contribute with their knowledge and expertise to innovation and improvement of technical products and production processes. Consulting, research and development projects in cooperation with small and medium-sized enterprises (KMUs) of the region should strengthen the industry's competitiveness, support the introduction of new technologies and promote regional structural change.

Through the inclusion of research and teaching in the application-oriented objective of the center the significant gap between university research and the implementation of research results in technically and technologically usable innovation should be closed.

It is considerably easier to convert money into research than research into money…..

The former special structure at our university with two courses of the more practically oriented course of studies HS I and the more scientifically oriented course of studies HS II as well as the different research studies offered advantageous prerequisites.

The concept was regionally and cross-regionally accepted. After more than 30 years, ZESS can look back on a history with impressing innovations and has meanwhile reached an internationally recognized top position in some fields of sensorics. Exceptionally many and successful projects as well as the high qualification of its graduates are the balance of an extraordinary success story.

We want in this sense that the success of the past is our incentive for the future that we are not ' tired ' and the policy stays with us! 

During the time three fields of competence with various topics have emerged.

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