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Further Education for Managers and Employees of Companies


ATHENA offers continuing education for managers and employees as well as in-house trainings for companies. The offer includes management workshops, MBAs, and a wide range of technical trainings, e.g., in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, 3D printing, and programming.

The workshops and trainings are continuously expanded and adapted to companies' needs, innovations, and new scientific findings. Within the ATHENA network, you benefit from the combined expertise of nine European universities, while having the opportunity to network with international colleagues, too.

All courses and trainings are held in English, online or in person, but can also take place in the national language of the offering university by arrangement. Upon successful completion, participants receive a certificate.

You can find the current offer of further education on the website of ATHENA European University

Why Further Education with ATHENA?

Rapid technological advancements, digitalisation and the automation of many processes, and the energy transition increase the need for further education in industrial companies. In addition to traditional management courses, ATHENA offers a wide range of training opportunities in IT and new technologies at university level. As an alliance of nine European universities, we have access to a vast pool of renowned experts. Therefore, ATHENA can offer courses on specific topics - upon request also tailored to the individual needs of your company.

Demand Query for Further Education Offerings in Companies of the Region 

To improve our offerings and align them even more closely with the needs of executives, employees, and companies, we kindly ask you to complete our demand query for further education offerings (duration approximately 5 mins). 

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