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Network activities

From Ghana to Siegen and back again: Research cooperation continues to grow.

The University of Siegen has and continues to build strong connections with partner universities across the world. One of those partnership began with the close research collaboration between Dr. Efua Esaaba Mantey Agyire-Tettey and her PhD supervisor, Prof. Dr. Johannes Schädler. Since completing her PhD at the University of Siegen, Efua, a Senior Lecturer at the University of Ghana, has maintained a close research partnership with Prof Schaedler and the Centre for Planning and Evaluation of Social Services.
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Alumni Academy - Digitalisation 20+ and Sustainability. 2021 and 2022

The Alumni Academy returns to develop learning/teaching concepts on digitalisation and sustainability.

The most recent edition of the Alumni Academy has begun, featuring 18 international alumni and research alumni coming together to discuss, develop and implement projects on digital teaching.
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Going abroad – Coming to Siegen.

The Research Alumni Programme also invites to participate in its event at Virtual International Day of the University of Siegen.

The University of Siegen is hosting its first Virtual International Day on June 10 and the Research Alumni Program invites to participate in the exchange with the Research Alumni Network in its special event.
Insights into the Research Alumni Network: How you can Benefit from Collaboration, Exchange and Networking among International Researchers / 10.45 a.m. - 1.45 a.m. CET
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Research abroad – Widening your horizons

Insights into the exchange of perspectives among internationally engaged researchers at the online meetup, in march 2021. Sooner or later, most researchers will want to take advantage of the opportunity to try to research abroad. Doing so allows them the chance to exchange ideas and methods with other researchers who may have approached their common research topic from a different perspective. These kinds of research visits often take place in the context of an international research collaboration, both of which are considered to be important milestones in an academic career. However researching abroad also brings many challenges and complications.  
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Research abroad – Widening your horizons. Online Meet-up, 16th March 2021

Exchange of perspectives and experiences among internationally engaged researchers. In this meet-up interesting topics such as researching abroad, visiting international conferences, building international partnerships, and overcoming challenges will be covered. Everyone from PhD students to senior researchers is most welcome.  
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How has international research been affected by the current global pandemic? Insights from our research alumni network

Throughout 2020, the way in which we live and work has changed significantly due to COVID19. To see how international research partnerships were affected during this turbulent time, we reached out to members of our research alumni network and asked them about how their research has been affected. We received interesting insights from researchers based in many different countries, including China, Ghana, Mauritius, Brazil and the USA. The respondents also specialised in a wide range of different subjects, such as Engineering, Media Science, Physics, Social Work and Chemistry.
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Humboldtian Meetup

On the 18th of June 2020, the Welcome Center and the Alumni Office, together with the Research Alumni Programme, organised a virtual meetup between current and former Humboldtians for them to get to know one another and to share their insights into international research.
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How to advance my international scientific career Hands-on training with international Research Alumni

On Friday, the 29th of November 2019, a workshop took place within the framework of the Alumni Career Day. This workshop was designed by the Research Alumni Programme, and its objective was to allow experienced international researchers to share their insights with students hoping to begin their own international scientific careers. This workshop was moderated by two Research Alumni currently at the University of Siegen, Dr. Daria Berdnikova and Dr. Fabiano Pinatti, with the support of the Research Alumni Coordinator; Mr. Gerrit Pursch.
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Studio:RA | International perspectives in technology and media

On the 3rd of July 2019, there will be for the very first time, a panel discussion - inspired by the studio:A–Format - with international guest scientists and Research Alumni. The topic will be: International perspectives in technology and media. Learn from experts - our Research alumni - how to advance your own career.This event is for master, PhD and postdoctoral students, aspiring researchers, and Alumni from all academic disciplines with an interest in conducting research abroad.
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Young Talents meet Research Alumni

The Research Alumni Programme organised, in cooperation with the House of Young Talents (HYT), the event “Young Talents meet Research Alumni” on the 11th December 2018. It allowed aspiring academics to benefit from the expertise and experiences of research alumni.
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Prof. Dr. Schädler welcomes two Ghanaian researchers to Siegen

For the University of Siegen, international connections are very important in order to enrich teaching and research with different ideas and perspectives. These connections rely on the cultivating of close personal relationships with researchers from all across the world. Some of the most important relationships for this purpose are those between professors and Research Alumni, researchers who have previously studied at the University of Siegen but are now based elsewhere.
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Exchange between various Research Alumni Programmes in Siegen

The fourth exchange meeting between the Research Alumni Programmes of different universities took place in September at the Unteres Schloss Campus of the University of Siegen. Representatives from universities all across Germany travelled to Siegen to take part. The purpose of this meeting was to facilitate the exchanging of experiences on the successfully implemented measures of the respective researcher alumni programmes as well as to examine questions on the sustainable retention of research alumni at the universities and long-term continuation of their programmes.
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International Guest Researcher Day

For the first time, the "Day of International Visiting Scholars" took place at the University of Siegen on the 12th June, which the Research Alumni Program had organised in cooperation with the International Welcome Center and the University of Siegen's Alumni Association. The focus was on the exchange and research of international guest researchers and their Siegen hosts from all schools. The International Guest Researcher Day provided the setting for the third annual reception at the Welcome Center for international scientists and an appreciation of selected Siegen scientists for their commitment to international cooperation as well as their research collaborations with international scientists and a conference on science communication.
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RA meeting at 25th anniversary of Prof Christ’s professorship

Another Research Alumni Network Meeting took place within the department of Material Science and Material Testing of the University of Siegen, headed by Prof. Dr. Christ. This meeting took place within the context of the 25th anniversary of Prof Christ’s professorship. To mark the occasion, 3 academic researchers, all of whom have previously conducted academic guest stays at Christ’s department, came back to Siegen.
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Network meeting in Darmstadt

The University of Siegen works hard to promote scientific exchanges across the world. All across the world there are Research Alumni, researchers who have previously studied at the University of Siegen, who have strong connections to the personnel based here at the University. These connections need to be maintained and strengthened through meetups and continued scientific cooperation.
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