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City of Siegen:

The city of Siegen with approximately 100.000 inhabitants is located in the district of Siegen-Wittgenstein in the southern part of North Rhine-Westphalia. The city with its historic centre and famous hiking tracks is also the home of the University of Siegen with its 17,000 students. There are several small towns around Siegen and historical buildings (two castles and churches), which are worth a visit. Detailed information on the city is available here.


Conference Centre:

The conference will take place in Hauspatmos in Siegen-Geisweid. There will be no concurrent sessions, all presentations will take place in the same room. Hauspatmos provides all amenities of a modern conference centre, including free wifi access. More information (mostly in German) is available here.



We were able to reserve 50 rooms in the hotel Hauspatmos attached to the conference centre for EVAN2013 participants. The price is 62€ per night for a one bed room (breakfast included). The hotel offers a wellness centre (with sauna, gym and jacuzzi) and a restaurant. More information is available here.

Additional rooms are available at the hotel Ramada. The price for a one bed room is 77€ per night (breakfast included). The hotel is located in the city centre of Siegen, 6km from the conference centre and close to shops and restaurants. A shuttle service will be organized in the mornings and afternoons for conference participants. More information is available here.

We have arrangements with both hotels described above. Let us know if accommodation is required in your registration email and we will arrange the booking for you.

Of course there are more hotels in the area, which might be cheaper and also nice (e.g. Hotel Römer; Hotel Keller; Hotel Ongelsgrob; Berghotel Johanneshöhe). Please, feel free to book accommodation in one of the other hotels on your own but note that there will be no shuttle service to the conference centre from other hotels than the Ramada.


How to arrive:

There are three international airports within a driving distance of 140 km (Cologne/Bonn, Düsseldorf International, and Frankfurt Airport), with Cologne/Bonn Airport being the closest one to Siegen. From all airports train connections (not direct) go to Siegen, travel time is approximately 2:15 hrs from Düsseldorf and Frankfurt and 1:30 hrs from Köln-Bonn. For more information and booking go to Deutsche Bahn.

Arriving at the main train station in Siegen, taxis are waiting in front of the building and bring you to the conference centre within 10 minutes (price is 15 to 20€) or the hotel Ramada within 5 minutes. There are also busses going in the direction of the conference centre (but not very frequently), information (only in German) is available from VGWS. Driving directions to the conference centre are available here.