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International Short Conference on Advances in Extreme Value Analysis

and Application to Natural Hazards (EVAN2013)


18.09.2013 – 20.09.2013, Siegen, Germany


The EVAN2013 conference is the first of its kind and jointly organised by the Research Group Civil Security of the Institute of Advanced Studies and the Research Institute for Water and Environment at the University of Siegen. The overall aim is to bring together and stimulate discussions between scientists, practitioners and stakeholders working in natural hazards science, where the analysis of rare events represents a crucial task. The transfer of methods and tools used by people working in various disciplines will be encouraged.


Latest News

21.05.2014: Conference proceedings are online

06.08.2013: Preliminary conference programme is online

01.07.2013: Template for full paper submission is online and available here.

02.05.2013: Abstract submission deadline extended until 24.05.2013

26.04.2013: Conference flyer is online

01.03.2013: First call for abstracts online

25.02.2013: Confirmed speakers for invited talks:

  • Prof. Fernando Mendez (IH Cantabria, Spain)
  • Dr. Ivan Haigh (National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, UK)
  • Dr. Eric Gilleland (Research Application Laboratory, Boulder, USA)
  • Prof. Salvatore Grimaldi (University of Tuscia, Italy)
  • Dr. Pietro Bernardara (EDF Energy, Research and Development, UK & Saint-Venant Laboratory for Hydraulics, France)
  • Prof. Carlo De Michele (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)
  • PD Dr. Joaquim Pinto (University of Cologne, Germany)