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 Conception Cooperation Project Integrated Career Orientation Program




The basic idea of the project is to give young people the opportunity to work on substantial and authentic mathematical problems from companies (e.g. modeling, optimization, big data, product design, etc.) in project teams, solving the problem together. The companies and the employees responsible for the project work closely with experienced student teachers, teachers and scientific staff to introduce the problems in a way that is appropriate for the target group, thus enabling interested young people to experience directly how they can apply their school knowledge in the working world. (Also have a look at the German partner project.)










  • Long-term establishment of career-oriented and career-developing contents that are aligned to the school curriculum.
  • Insight into the companies' problem-oriented and process-oriented working procedures.
  • Authentic connection in terms of content between companies and potential schools in order to attract apprentices.
  • Improving the alignment of school education and vocational training.
  • International cooperation creates a great variety of contents, gives insight into transnational problems and expands the students' repertoire of problem-solving approaches.

How to implement the program?




  • The economies of Germany and the USA are closely intertwined – both sides suffer from a lack of interest in the STEM-fields and technical fields of work.
  • Both sites may benefit from the mutual exchange, by learning from each other’s different approaches to address the shortage of skilled workers, e.g. German “Vocational Schools” – US “Colleges”.
  • A German partner project has already had a successful start in Germany.
  • German students are fluent in English, which provides the opportunity to run joint projects on a school-level.