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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Prospective students Master of Science Mathematics

You would like to become a part of our Siegen mathematics community? Excellent! Here is what you need to know. Please read the information on this page carefully.

Please do not send anything via post, an application on Unisono is enough!

Admission Requirements

The mathematics programme is aimed at graduates with a relevant Bachelor degree in Mathematics or a comparable programme, with a relevant share of at least at least 81 credit points, of which the following areas must be covered to the minimum extent indicated:

    Analysis I-III (27 CP)

    Linear Algebra I (9 CP)

    Numerical Analysis (9 CP)

    Probability Theory (9 CP)

See also Admission Requirements


The following certificates are recognized for applicants who have not acquired their study qualification at an exclusively English-speaking institution or who have learnt English as their mother tongue:

    TOEFL (Test of English as a foreign language) iBT (internet based test) Test with a score of at least 94 points;

    IELTS test with a score of at least 6.5;

    Cambridge B2 First, Grade B (173+ points);

    PTE Academic with a minimum score of 58 points;

    A certificate attesting that English language skills are at level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

If you do not have such a certificate, but your bachelor degree was entirely taught in English, we would check your English capabilities in an interview if you are considered as a potential student.


Application Procedure

Please note that no hard copies are needed until you arrive in Siegen if admission will be granted.

Obligatory documents: 

- A German or English certification of your degree and current summary of achievements (Transcript of Records) regarding the course of study (Diploma/Bachelor) qualifying you to study this course (qualifications see above).
Please use the Bavarian formula to translate your grade ot the German GPA system: https://www.tum.de/en/studies/application/grade-conversion-formula-for-grades-earned-outside-germany/

(1 = highest grade; 4 = lowest grade to pass). If the course of study qualifying you for the Master’s course has not yet been completed, you will need to provide a provisional final grade (if this is not shown in the summary of achievements, corresponding certification will need to be provided by the relevant examination office).

- A documentation of the required knowledge of the English language (see above).

Optional documents (recommended): 

- Curriculum vitae in tabular form. (This can be as little as one line if you are currently a BSc student.)

- A brief statement explaining how you learned English, if you cannot provide a certificate as above.

Please also note that it is obligatory for international students to make sure that studying and living in Germany is financially safe for the two years of your stay. Therefore it is secured by law that you have to create rather a blocked account during your stay with an amount of 853,00 Euro per month, or a declaration of commitment by somebody who can secure the financial necessities. Both possibilities are individually linked to the specific home country. 


A national student is a student who:

1. has the German citizenship or 2. has attained Bachelor or similar degree studies in Germany.

An international student is a student who:

1. does not have the German citizenship and 2. has attained Bachelor or similar degree studies outside of Germany.


How the process works:

Please notice that the first step in your application process will be a validation by content by the scientific staff of our chairs.

The second step will be a Zoom interview with us to get to know each other.

The third step will be a decision about the general equivalence of your foreign university degree with a regular comparable degree at a German university (formal validation). This decision will be made by our department STARTING.

You can enter our online application platform Unisono here: https://unisono.uni-siegen.de/qisserver/pages/psv/selbstregistrierung/pub/selbstregistrierung.xhtml?_flowId=selfRegistrationRegister-flow&_flowExecutionKey=e1s1&noDBAction=y&init=y

How to: Step-by-step instructions for applying in Unisono

Please make sure you successfully submit your application before the deadline. We cannot review applications that are still in preparation!


In case of technical problems, please contact Unisono support (unisono-support@uni-siegen.de)

In case of other problems or questions, please read the FAQ below first and if you do not find your question answered, please see https://www.uni-siegen.de/zsb/studienangebot/master/mathe.html.en  

Application Deadlines

We accept students for winter and summer semester!

Starting in winter semester: March 1st to April 30th (to August 31st for EU students) 

Starting in summer semester: November 15th to January 15th (to February 28th for EU students)

Application FAQs

What is the university entrance qualification?

This is your high school (or equivalent) degree which allowed you to start your Bachelor degree. Please do not submit your Bachelor certificate here!

How do I indicate my CGPA?

Please use the Bavarian formula to convert your CGPA into the German grading system.



I don’t have 60 ECTS from the required fields, but I have completed online courses on Coursera/Udemy/etc. Do you accept these achievements as well?

Unfortunately, we can only accept academic credits which Coursera, Udemy and similar platforms usually do not provide. Even though we definitely encourage online courses as preparation for the MSc, it is not a valid substitute for academic achievements.

My previous degree was conducted entirely in English. Do I still need to take a language test?

We accept a degree certificate if your degree was earned in a country whose official language is English, or otherwise a letter of proficiency by your university. In other cases we would check your language abilities during the Zoom interview.

Can you check my documents for me before I apply?

We make an admission decision based on all aspects of your application. Therefore, your documents will only be reviewed after you successfully submit a formal application. All you need to know about the requirements can be found on this page. Please note we cannot give you information on your chances to be admitted beforehand.

What is the interview about?

When you are invited for an online interview, this means your documents are okay and we would like to get to know you better. You will meet one of our professors or research assistants who will speak with you about yourself, your interest in and experience with mathematics and related fields and answer questions that may come up. Similarly, you may find out whether mathematics is the right program for you to choose. We would also ask you some questions about mathematics that any BSc student in mathematics should be able to answer without preparation. Don’t worry: this is not a test for which you need to prepare, but rather an informal conversation. 

When can I expect a decision?

We review applications after the deadline, and we aim to complete the process in a few weeks. Please note that due to technical reasons, you will not receive an email if your application is declined, only if your status has changed; so make sure to check your application status in Unisono regularly. Furthermore please note that if you set up your unisono account so that it does not send you emails, you will never be informed about any decision and you have to check your status yourself.

My application has been rejected. Why?

If your application status is set to Excluded before you receive an invitation for an interview, this means that unfortunately, you either do not fulfil our admission requirements or we do not think you are a good fit for the program at the current time, based on the documents you provided. Please understand that we cannot send individual rejection letters.

If you have been excluded after the interview, unfortunately, our admission team has come to the conclusion that the Mathematics program in Siegen is not entirely suitable for you at the moment.


I cannot start studying immediately. Can I defer my admission?

Yes, you can defer your admission up to three consecutive semesters. You do not need to formally respond to your admission at this point, but follow the steps below:

Please let us know as soon as you have made your decision. For technical resasons, you will need to reapply on Unisono and upload your documents again if you are still interested in the programme the following semester and wish to receive a new admission letter. Please do so within the application period!

However, you will be automatically accepted without having to conduct another interview then.


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