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Study Programs

Here you will find detailed information as well as official regulations and other documents regarding the study programmes offered by the Department of Mathematics.

For a more general overview on the offered study programmes in Mathematics in Siegen please have a look at our information for Prospective Students

Please click here for Information on Applications 

Current Programmes

Bachelor of Science Mathematics

This programme is offered in German only. Please visit the German version of this site for more information on the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.

Framework Examination Regulations Bachelor's degree program RPO-B

Master of Science Mathematics


Module overview (schematic):  









 Reference to Module Description

Compulsory Elective Modules "Mathematik" 
(6 Modules à 9 CP)







 FPO-M Anlage 3

Compulsory Elective Modules "Anwendungsfach" (Minor) and Seminars(4-6 Modules à 6-12 CP)







 FPO-M Anlage 3


at least 21 CP








at least 21 CP







     AN-Philo (German)

 21 CP















 Master Thesis incl. Seminar





at least 120 CP


 FPO-M Anlage 4

SL = study achievement (Studienleistungen)
2 PL = exam achievement (Prüfungsleistung)
(1 and 2 are kinds of academic achievements)
3 CP = Credit points (same as LP=Leistungspunkte)
5 P/WP = Compulsory Module (Pflichtmodul) /Compulsory Elective Module (Wahlpflichtmodul)
AN = Minor (Anwendungsfach)
AN-NT = Minor Natural Science and Engineering
AN-WM = Minor Business Mathematics
AN-Philo = Minor Philosophy (not offered in english language)
FPO = Subject Examination Rules (Fachprüfungsordnung)
FPO-B = Subject Examination Rules Bachelor
FPO-M = Subject Examination Rules Master


Framework Examination Regulations Bachelor's degree program RPO-M

Example Curricula:

Minor Natural Science and Engineering (AN-NT), English 

Minor Business Mathematics (AN-WM), English

(not available in english) Minor Philosophy, German  



All other study programmes (discontinued and finished) are only available on the German version of this site.