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Junior Research Group: Women in Focus

Rethinking Philosophy and History of Mathematics and Physics


Dr. des. Julia Franke-Reddig , Dr. Rudolf Meer , Dr. Andrea Reichenberger , Jasmin Özel

Who we are:

We are a junior research group (Julia Franke-Reddig, Jasmin Özel, Rudolf Meer, Andrea Reichenberger) in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Siegen, investigating the contributions of women in the history and philosophy of mathematics and physics.

Aim and Method:

The overreaching goal of the research project is to investigate and to re-evaluate women's hidden impact on history and philosophy of mathematics and physics in order to support gender equality, to sustainably improve the representation of women in the science system and to make future’s history of science more diverse and open. We focus on case studies in order to analyse the manifold interconnections between knowledge constructions, scientific research practices, and social and political frameworks conditions. We thereby put women philosophers in the spotlight, utilizing both qualitative and quantitative research approaches. Further, we investigate the historical context of the different contributions with the aim of deepening the understanding of the complex issues they addressed. The research group covers the time frame of the late 19th and early 20th centuries -- a time when philosophy sought to redefine and legitimize itself within the sciences.



Financially supported by: 

Female Professors Program of Federal and States Governments III (Professorinnen-Programm von Bund und Länder III) 

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