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EUROCLIO is looking for new trainees: are you up for the challenge?

EUROCLIO invites university students and recently graduates to apply for a traineeship position to enrich their knowledge with the practical experience of working for an International NGO in the field of History Education.  Discover the current trainees on our Staff page <http://euroclio.eu/association/staff/>.

What does the traineeship offer?
As a trainee, you will learn all about the world of an International NGO. You will get in touch with different institutions, donors, funding organisations, and international associations. Your tasks include communication with members and partners, networking, public announcements, fundraising, reporting, website management, contribution to the development of transnational source collections and historical content and all aspects of office, project and event management. Additionally, EUROCLIO provides;

  *   Remuneration up to 300 euros per month based on fulltime traineeship (40 hours per week)
  *   Reimbursement local travel costs up to 100 euro per month based on receipts for a fulltime traineeship

Who are we looking for?
For our Fall 2017 (end-August – January 2018) traineeships we are looking for dedicated students, that:

·         Are in the final stage of their University Bachelor degree, in their Master degree or recently graduated.

·         Have a background in History, History Education and/or International Cooperation/Relations;

·         Have skills in Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint);

·         Are flexible, motivated and are able to work independently;

·         Are fluent in English (written and spoken);

Knowledge of additional languages, website management (including CMS, WordPress) and design skills are considered an asset.

In addition to the regular traineeship we are also offering a research traineeship. The focus will be on a specific topic or related to a specific project. If you want to apply, please elaborate on your specific research interest and we will discuss this on an individual basis and decide based on the need and connection to our Areas of Action.

Standard traineeship periods are for a period of 4-6 months. We might consider extending the traineeship period up to one year based on the experience and needs. Interested applicants should send their letter of motivation and CV by e-mail to Judith Geerling (judith@euroclio.eu) before the deadline of 1 June 2017.

Internship Opportunities at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin

The ICD Internship Project (2008-17) is a 10 year program with the main purpose to enable students who need an internship as a compulsory part of their BA or graduate studies to engage in cultural diplomacy and in doing so, to further promote cultural diplomacy and multiculturalism worldwide.

The positioning of the ICD in the center of Europe, makes it a natural hub for the younger generation and indeed, the past years of the project have been witness to interns being active participants in the multicultural field, where lasting friendships were formed and valuable contacts made, which immediately expanded each individual’s network to all parts of the world.

The diverse multicultural environment provides an excellent framework for Cultural Diplomacy to be practiced on a daily basis within the office as well as outside of the office. One of the main privileges afforded by the project is to work in a young, interdisciplinary and international environment, which serves as a model of successful multiculturalism in practice. The experience of learning to work together in a multicultural and international organizational environment is a rare, unique and a rewarding common experience.
The ICD invites applications from individuals who are coming from the following fields:

  *   Film, Photography & Visual Art
  *   Arts & Culture
  *   International Relations & Politics
  *   Marketing & Public Relations

  *   History & Philosophy
  *   Business & Economics
  *   Communication & Journalism
  *   Business Administration

Internship Details

  *   Eligibility - The internship is open to currently enrolled students who need this internship as a compulsory component of their academic studies or participants of the ERASMUS program.
  *   Duration - The ICD voluntary internships are full time, unpaid, last 3 months.
  *   Language - Applicants must have good spoken and written English, (German and Spanish language skills are considered an advantage and other language skills are an asset).
  *   Personal Skills - Due to the nature of our work, we place a high value on flexibility, positive attitude, a strong work ethic, and the ability to work well with others.
  *   Flexibility - Applicants must be prepared for a flexible working environment as teams and tasks might alter often according to the program agenda.
  *   Independence - Due to the large amount of activity and programs that ICD runs throughout the year Interns work in teams under the direction of a Team Leader/Program Director with minimal supervision.
  *   Laptop - In addition, all interns must have access to a personal laptop, which they need to bring to the office on a daily basis.

Intern Responsibilities
The ICD invites applications from individuals who are coming from the following fields:

  *   International Conferences » <http://www.culturaldiplomacy.org/academy/index.php?en_conferences-f>
  *   Raising awareness and marketing
  *   Acquiring speakers and partners
  *   Support for ICD Conferences & Events
  *   Media, Press & PR
  *   Event documentation
  *   Conducting interviews and writing articles for the www.berlinglobal.org <http://www.berlinglobal.org/index.php?en>

  *   Cultural Diplomacy Research
  *   Supporting the www.i-c-d.de <http://www.i-c-d.de/> project
  *   Volunteering
  *   Volunteering in the Berliner Tafel e.V. <http://www.berliner-tafel.de/berliner-tafel/>

If you would like to apply and reserve a position please click on the link below and fill out the online application form:

Apply Now » <http://www.culturaldiplomacy.de/index.php?en_application-form_internships>

Institute for Cultural Diplomacy
Genthiner Str. 20, 10785 Berlin, Germany
E-mail: info@culturaldiplomacy.org <info@culturaldiplomacy.org>
Visit us at www.culturaldiplomacy.org <http://www.culturaldiplomacy.org>