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Incoming Students and Erasmus

Registration for exams

To register for exams, please fill out the form "Registration for exams" and email it to the Examination Office of Faculty I. As soon as the exam registrations have been entered, you will receive a confirmation by email. You can access the registrations at any time via unisono. You will be notified of any changes (e.g. grade entry) via unisono. 

On the form, please indicate each course in which you would like to take exams. In addition to the course title, please be sure to include the course number. Additionally, we need the name of the lecturer and the number of credits. A maximum of 6 credit points is possible per 2 SWS (semester hours per week) courses

  • Studienleistung = 3 (ungraded) credit points
  • Prüfungsleistung = 3 graded credit points

Form "Registration for exams" Erasmus Incoming Students

Guideline "Creating a Transcript of Records" via unisono (not the official one!)

Contact Examination Office:

How to get you Transcript of Records at the end of semester

All your achievements have been booked via unisono and you need your transcript? Please contact the Examination Office of Faculty I by email.

As soon as the transcript has been prepared by us and signed by the head of the Examination Office, we will forward your transcript to the International Office of the University of Siegen as soon as possible. The transcript will be sent to your home university by Ms. Alicia Platt (ISA).

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