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Main research interests

  • Empirical research in social sciences (Qualitative research)
  • Migration sociology (citizenship, naturalization, inclusion, circular migration)
  • Political sociology (statehood and inclusion in sub-saharan African countries, development cooperation)
  • Africanity (African Diaspora, colonialism, Ubuntu) 

Doctoral thesis

In the context of my PhD-Thesis, I conducted an empirical research on citizenship among German citizens with sub-Saharan African descent. The question relating to their equal rights as citizens, their perception of the newly acquired status, as well as its effect on their inclusion and participation in the German society in general was in the center of my research and my doctoral thesis. From the perspective of the concerned people, I analyzed their perception relating to their rights, duties and responsibilities as citizens as well as to their sense of belonging. I examined the meaning and relevance of their new legal status in terms of their access to the labor market, their political, social, and cultural participation, as well as their acceptance and trust in the German society and in the state institutions.
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