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The Rectorate manages the University. The members of the Rectorate are the Rector, the Chancellor and Prorectors with their own areas of responsibility. The Rector is the chairwoman of the Rectorate. Prorectors are elected by the University Election Assembly on the proposal of the Rector.



Rektorin Reese Kanzler Richter

Prof. Dr. Stefanie Reese

Ulf Richter


Research and
Young Academics

Academic Education

Ressourcens and Governance

International Affairs
and Lifelong Learning

Digital and Regional Affairs

Prorektor Mannel Prorektorin Nonnenmacher Prorektor Stein Prorektorin Vogel Prorektor Wulf

Prof. Dr. Thomas Mannel

Prof. Dr. Alexandra Nonnenmacher

Prof. Dr. Volker Stein

Prof. Dr. Petra M. Vogel

Prof. Dr. Volker Wulf

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