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Steering Committee Quality Management

The Steering Committee QM (LAQ) controls the cross-departmental quality development in cooperation with the Senate. It manages the structure and process protection/ safeguard of the control groups, the faculties and the teaching position (external audition). The LAQ is arranging his own structure and process protection by means of external audition and is implementing necessary improvements. It holds a meeting twice a semester, more frequently dependent of urgency and importance of a problem situation.

The tasks/ duties are described as follows:

  • Introduction of an external evaluation of the entire Quality Management of the university Siegen

  • Internal quality assurance for the purpose of self-reflection

  • Process and structure protection of the teaching position

  • Process and structure protection of the faculties

  • Process and structure protection of the senate commissions

  • Development of cross-departmental problem-solves

  • Updating of the policy/ principle and the quality objective (quality filter) of the university Siegen


Members of the steering committee QM are:

Rector (chairman) Prof. Dr. Holger Burckhart
Prorector for Research and Young Scientists Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Mannelconsulting
Vice Rector (repr. rector) Prof. Dr. Volker Stein
Cancellor Ulf Richter consulting
Dean/ -Faculty I Prof. Dr. Niels Werber consulting
Dean/ -Faculty II Prof. Dr. Thomas Coelen consulting
Dean/ -Faculty III Prof. Dr. Marc Hassenzahl
Dean/ -Faculty IV Prof. Dr. Holger Schönherr 
Dean/ -Faculty V Prof. Dr. Christoph Strünck consulting
Management/center for teacher training and eductional researchProf. Dr. Nils Goldschmidtconsulting
professorProf. Dr. Friedemann Vogelvoting rights
professorProf. Dr. Bernd Clausenvoting rights
professorProf. Dr. Giuseppe Strinavoting rights
professorProf. Dr. Ingo Witzkevoting rights 
professorProf. Dr. Andreas Kastenmüllervoting rights
Scientific central block Sonja Köhler voting rights
Employees engineering and administration Petra Bald
voting rights
Student Emine Cinkaya voting rights
Student Marius Wötzel voting rights
Equal opportunities officer Dr. Elisabeth Heinrich
Quality Center Siegen Tobias Auberger consulting
Quality Center Siegen (Member of staff) Gina Wommelsdorf
Agenda, protocol
External consulting   consulting
Thematic classification   consulting

You will find further information in the document Features of the QM system

Members of the steering committee will find the meeting documents on the Sharepoint .

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