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Studying and Living in Siegen 2023

Introduction of English language Master's programs in Siegen / Vorstellung englischsprachiger Masterstudiengänge in Siegen



You are an undergraduate student interested in studying a Master's degree in Germany? You don't have sufficient knowledge in German language? Then join our presentations of our English language Master's degree programs via zoom. Take your chance to get to know our study courses, meet our professors, lecturers and coordinators and our current students, and ask all questions you have. 


The sessions will take place between March 6 and 10, 2023.
Please use this link for all events: https://uni-siegen.zoom.us/j/67489658694?pwd=ZjRkcFpqcDFpR3RQWERBMDEzNm1odz09

Time (CET)  Monday, 6 March  Tuesday, 7 March Wendesday, 8 March Thursday, 9 March  Friday, 10 March
 12 a.m. -
1 p.m.

Studying and Living in Siegen 
- Introduction to the University and City

Eva Grottschreiber

Prof. Dr. Jörn Schmedt auf der Günne


Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Prof. Dr. Mario Agio

Prof. Dr. Peter Kraemer


Electrical Engineering
Prof. Dr. Bhaskar Choubey

Computer Science
Prof. Dr. Andreas Kolb


Prof. Dr. Rob van Stee

 1 p.m. -
2 p.m.


PD Dr. Matthias Kleinmann

Quantum Science
Prof. Dr. Otfried Gühne,
Lina Vandré

Roads to Democracies
Dr. Luz Pacas

Human Computer Interaction
Margarita Grinko

Economic Policy
Dominik Kowitzke

Meet our students!

(Get to know students who study one of the
introduced programs
and ask them what you want to know.)

After the sessions, you will have the opportunity to interact with the speakers and ask questions.
Find some initial information here:

Master Chemistry

The study program for the MSc in Chemistry offers a 4 terms (2 years) study program which covers a thorough training in chemistry including basic subjects like inorganic, organic, theoretical and physical chemistry but also applied areas like analytical chemistry, building chemistry and macromolecular chemistry. The courses are entirely taught in English by specialists in their field through which students are getting practical training on state-of-the-art research equipment in modern laboratories.
Find further information here

Master Computer Science

The Master program in Computer Science at the University of Siegen is a bilingual program, in which two study foci can be studied entirely in English and in which students gain in-depth knowledge and can choose from a wide-range of modules:
Visual Computing
Embedded Systems
In both study foci, students benefit from the close collaboration between electrical engineering and computer science and a tight link to research projects conducted in both disciplines at the University of Siegen.
Find further information here.

Master Economic Policy

The Master in Economic Policy has a strong international focus which endows its participants with the economic competence and analytical skills for a successful career in administration, governments, national and international associations, and global businesses. To achieve this goal, the MEPS program not only offers a profound training in economic theory and econometric techniques but also enables its students to empirically analyze questions of practical and political relevance.
Find further informatio here.

Master Electrical Engineering

This Master's programme trains students with specific expertise in key areas of microelectronics design and communication systems including theoretical foundations, practical skills and knowledge about application areas in analogue and digital integrated circuits, semiconductor physics, photonics, embedded systems, digital communications and high-frequency engineering.
Find further information here

Master Human Computer Interaction

Between the human and the machine - in the HCI master, you learn how to conceptualise, design and implement technology with people for people. The research-focused program is open for students from diverse backgrounds and has a hands-on teaching approach.
Find further information here.

Master Mathematics

The master's degree program in mathematics documents increased mathematical competences and communication skills that make it possible to work intently scientifically and as an instructor in an (interdisciplinary) team and assess and develop new methods. The degree program teaches skills for analysis of abstract structures, recognising, phrasing and solving problems in mathematics and the minor.
Subsequent doctoral studies (Ph.D.) are possible.
Find further information here.

Master Mechatronics

The International Postgraduate Studies in Mechatronics are offered as interdisciplinary courses by the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in cooperation with the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The synergy between these disciplines imparts the scientific basics and methods for the specific demands required for the development of integrated technical systems. Continuation of studies in a doctoral programme leading to the degree "Dr-Ing" is also possible.
Find further information here.

Master Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

The Master in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology of the University of Siegen focuses on the acquisition of analytical and methodological competences in the fields of nanoscience and nanotechnology, with in-depth education and training in physics, chemistry and engineering, yet from an interdisciplinary perspective. Graduates are thus prepared for conducting research in academia and industry, but also to a career in service and consulting companies.
Find further information here .

Master Physics

The Master of Science in Physics is a research-oriented study program comprised of a study phase and a one-year research phase in one of our research groups. Specializations include solid state physics, quantum optics and particle physics.
Find further information here.

Master Quantum Science

The Master of Science in Quantum Science is an interdisciplinary research-oriented study program comprised of a study phase and a one-year research phase in one of our research groups. It addresses students from physics, mathematics, computer science and electrical engineering.Find further information here.
Find further information here

Master Roads to Democracies. Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Politics and Culture

The interdisciplinary M.A. program "Roads to Democracies. Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Politics and Culture" provides a broad understanding of democratic processes, structures and systems from a historical and social science perspective in order to be able to evaluate current political and social occurrences, realities and developments on a national and supranational level. Integrated is an optional semester abroad e.g. at the universities of Bologna (I), Palermo (I), Coimbra (P) and further partner universities in the framework of the Erasmus+ program.
Find further information here

Living and Studying in Siegen

Deciding to study a certain program does not only mean that you focus on these studies, but also that you probably have to move to another country/city, which means living in a new culture, being surrounded by a foreign language, finding new friends etc. The university offers you a lot of activities, counselling and information to help you to get along in this place. In this session, we will tell you a bit more about the possibilities of the City and University of Siegen in general.
Find further information here.

Bachelor "Europäische Wirtschaftskommunikation"

If your are rather interested in an international Bachelor's program, feel free to join the sessions (in German language) on the program "Europäische Wirtschaftskommunikation – Langues, communication et commerce européens".
Find further information here.

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