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International perspectives

Paths to abroad, from abroad to Siegen – international perspectives with studies at the University of Siegen. In various event formats, we bring together international alumni and students, sharing diverse experiences and fostering informal exchange within the network. The focus here revolves around questions regarding career entry and prospects for personal development in an international context.


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World Café with Alumni – Start your career in Germany

(07.08.2023) On May 11, 2023, the Alumni Association, together with the SieguVer Program of the International Office, invited international students to the World Café with Alumni as part of this year's International Week. Here for the retrospective

Living Library - Insights into biographies of international alumni

On May 10, 2023, our Living Library took place as part of the International Day. Students had the opportunity in the "Living Library" to virtually meet international alumni from around the world. They took advantage of this special opportunity to delve into the stories of various alumni and be inspired for their own future. Here for the retrospective.

Paths abroad – Paths to Siegen.

The University of Siegen is hosting the first Virtual International Day on June 10, and the Alumni Network is contributing two events to the program: 1) Starting your Career in Germany - Challenges and perspectives for international students 2) Insights into the Research Alumni Network Here for the retrospective.

Alumni Career Day 2020: Online offers for international students

On the 27th of November 2020, the Alumni Office, together with the international office’s SieguVer project, held their latest edition of the Alumni Career Day. Like so many other events this year, the Alumni Career Day took a slightly different form than in previous years. However, the online format did not prevent a valuable exchange of ideas and advice between the workshop leaders and the participants. This situation was used as an opportunity to hold a special edition of the alumni career day featuring two workshops, both of which focused on helping international students to begin their career in Germany after they have completed their studies. Here for the retrospective.

My International Career

International alumni shared their experiences of career entry and perspectives for international students in German companies in studio:A, the Career Talk with Alumni. Here for the retrospective.

Alumni Career Day 2019: Strategies for a successful career entry. Benefit from alumni experiences.

In November 2019, the Alumni Career Day again focused on "Strategies for a successful career entry – Benefit from alumni experiences". Here for the retrospective.

Alumni Career Day 2018: Strategies for a successful career entry.

Successfully enter the workforce after studying - but how? In the study, theory takes up the majority, afterwards, students are often on their own or can search the internet for application tips. But how do you prepare best for the application process in a timely manner? Here for the retrospective.

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