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Dr. Josephine Krüger/Katrin Hoffrichter

Universität Siegen
Adolf-Reichwein-Straße 2a
57068 Siegen

Office: AR-NB 014 
Phone: +49 271 740-2606
E-Mail: ProKo@bak.uni-siegen.de


The first step is to find a supervising professor by sending your CV and a research proposal to either Dr. Josephine Krüger or your particular professor. If you contact Dr. Krüger, she can help you find a supervisor by contacting the specific department. Yet, doing some preliminary research on which professor might be most suitable for your intended Ph.D. project and then contacting them personally is a more promising strategy and the one which we highly recommend.

Once you have managed to find a supervising professor for your PhD project, you are asked to submit the following documents to Dr. Josephine Krüger:

  1. Supervisor agreement
  2. Application form for Ph.D. students (to be obtained from our office)
  3. CV
  4. Proposal of intended Ph.D. project (2-5 pages)
  5. For German-language dissertation: German language certificate (e. g. DaF, DSH),
    For English-language dissertation: English language certificate (e. g. TOEFL)
  6. Certified copy of university degree that provides qualification for beginning doctoral thesis
  7. Certified copies of all other university degrees (e. g. undergraduate degree)
  8. For transferring from some other university during doctoral studies: statement of former university that there is no record of failed PhD attempts
  9. 1 certified copy of high school graduation certificate

Important: All documents must be sent as one pdf-file to the following e-mail address: ProKo@bak.uni-siegen.de. In addition, the same documents must be sent via mail to

University of Siegen
Faculty II: School of Education, Architecture, and the Arts
Dr. Josephine Krüger /Katrin Hoffrichter
Adolf-Reichwein-Straße 2a
D-57068 Siegen

Your request can only be dealt with once we have received both your scanned and mailed documents.

Please note: Your Ph.D. application and your registration as a Ph.D. student at the student service center are two different processes. For enrollment, please find the information pertaining to all necessary documents, opening hours, and contact person here.