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Dr. Josephine Krüger/Katrin Hoffrichter

Universität Siegen
Adolf-Reichwein-Straße 2a
57068 Siegen

Office: AR-NB 014 
Phone: +49 271 740-2606
E-Mail: ProKo@bak.uni-siegen.de

Thesis submission

To submit your thesis, you are to apply for thesis submission to the dean’s office of the faculty. Your submission package must consist of the following items:

  • application form for thesis submission (to be obtained from our office)
  • at least three printed hardback copies of your thesis
  • your CV
  • official proof of no criminal record
Once your thesis is officially submitted, it will be reviewed by your supervisor and a second referee. This process takes up to three months. After it has been reviewed, an appointment for an oral exam in the form of a defense of your thesis will be set.