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Dr. Josephine Krüger/Katrin Hoffrichter

Universität Siegen
Adolf-Reichwein-Straße 2a
57068 Siegen

Office: AR-NB 014 
Phone: +49 271 740-2606
E-Mail: ProKo@bak.uni-siegen.de

General information

The Faculty of Education, Architecture and the Arts wholeheartedly welcomes international students who are looking for an opportunity to obtain a Ph.D. Currently, there is no structured Ph.D. program available at our faculty, yet you have the opportunity to write your individual Ph.D. thesis in collaboration with a supervising professor. The majority of Ph.D. students enrolled at German universities follow this traditional path.

By writing your Ph.D. thesis, you are expected to show your ability to engage systematically in extensive independent research. There is no regulation that will state how many pages you must write in order to be able to do proper research and hand it in as a thesis. Yet, most Ph.D. thesis will involve a text of between 200-350 pages. The typical time period for writing a Ph.D. thesis will be between 3-5 years, mostly depending on the way you are financing your project. Naturally, financing your Ph.D. as a research assistant will take a little longer due to extra work assisting your professor and related teaching obligations. On the other hand, financing your Ph.D. via scholarships or private means could usually help you to obtain your Ph.D. within 3 years or less. Note that unlike other foreign Ph.D. programs, having your Ph.D. application accepted does not imply you will be financed by our faculty!

Your personal circumstances (e. g. having children, caring for family members, illness and disability) also greatly influence how long it will take you to write your thesis. Note that the University of Siegen offers many opportunities to help you cope with these circumstances, e. g. university’s own nursery school and kindergarten, contact persons for disabled persons, psychological counseling and much more.

The most important step at having your Ph.D. application accepted at our faculty is to find a supervising professor. There are two ways to achieve this: You can either contact us via e-mail including your CV and research proposal so we can forward your request to the relevant department. Or you can contact a professor of our faculty yourself and ask them if they would be interested in supervising your thesis. In our experience, the latter method is more effective.

You can write your thesis in either German or English. Furthermore, if you enroll as a Ph.D. student there are no German language requirements. Most staff at University of Siegen speaks English very well. However, for daily routines such as grocery shopping, banking activities, talking to people outside of the university etc. at least minimal proficiency of the German language knowledge is highly recommended.

Doctorate subjects at our faculty include the following:

  • Education
  • Psychology
  • Architecture
  • Art teaching
  • Fine arts
  • Musical teaching
  • Musicology

Note that unlike some foreign universities, doing your Ph.D. at a German university means that you need a prerequisite in the same field of study. This means that you can only do your Ph.D. at one of the above mentioned doctorate subjects if you hold a master’s degree in this field. However, if you hold a degree that is closely related to the intended Ph.D. subject, our Ph.D. board can decide in individual cases whether you can still become accepted as a Ph.D. student. In such cases, our Ph.D. board will also determine which additional requirements are necessary.